March 24, 2011


Who's going to the concert??? WE ARE!!! Steve & I just purchased tickets to see them in Boston May 1st!!! Sooo excited!!! As you know I have been lovin' Jared Leto & crew more & more recently as I have posted about the band HERE & HERE. I've been checking their website a lot about when Mr. Leto will be touring in the US, as they are out of the US right now. Wellllllllllllll just this morning I heard on the radio that they are throwing into the mix a random show in Boston! Of course I couldn't pass up this opportunity! YAY! Can't wait! Another cool thing is that one of the band's opening up from them is Anberlin. NEAT. Goodness...times like these I really miss my friends from home as I KNOW a bunch of them would have wanted to go with us to this concert. Booo to that. :(

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