September 30, 2008


Attention attention! Calling all Ryan Atwood fans! ;) According to People today Mr. Benjamin McKenzie of the infamous "The OC" will be staring in an upcoming new show!

"A far cry from his troublemaking outcast role on The O.C., Benjamin McKenzie gets on the right side of the law while filming the pilot episode for a new police drama, LAPD, in West Hollywood."

Yesssssssssssss! I can't wait!


Check this out...Emily sent the above link to me from her home town Giles County....It's about how much Mountain Lake from "Dirty Dancing" has changed over the years.....Holy before & after shots....NUTZ! Sooo sad.....

September 29, 2008


This is how I told Steve we had won tix to the Brad Paisley concert....Im so clever! :)
Chuck Wicks....hello hottie.
Jewel....loved her yellow dress!
Check out Jewel's blue guitar!
She has the cutest profile...
Ben Folds Five or Ben Folds as they are called these days....this was the "Frown Song"...
Mr. Brad Paisley..."Mud On The Tires"....duh!
Brad Paisley...
"Alcohol"....haha, love it!
Brad huh?
Chuck Wicks...
This is mine & Steve's fridge after going to BJ's, Stop & Shop & CVS in the rain last night. Lots of food makes me smile! :)
Stolen...part of my VA gang including my sis & bro in law! Oh how I miss them!
Stolen...HA! Justin & my Mom...he loves getting his picture taken with her.
Meeeee! Brunette...AGAIN! :)
Ash sent this to me by picture mail....Justin's awesome 80's shoes! Love the criss cross!
Stolen...Amanda & Justin before the 80's party...
Stolen...Bobby & Ashley...raddddd.
Stolen...Amanda & Ashley...
Stolen...cutie Hila! Adorable!
Stolen....80's party...Amanda & Ashley...holy scary ANVW! Lovin' the blue eyeshadow though! ;)
This blog is going to be totally random….a bunch of thoughts & photos over the past few days….some of the pictures I stole from my VA peeps since I just had to share them! ;)……..To start off Thurs night myself, Lisa, Steve & Jesse checked out Ben Folds Five….they are definitely interesting, pretty amusing actually, they have a different sound & hilarious lyrics! The concert was held outdoors, luckily it wasn’t too cold out, just a lil chilly….They pretty much played most of their new music, a few older songs….I only seemed to recognize one from back in the late 90s….All in all the 4 of us had a good time….Thank you again for the subs Lisa!.......Saturday we were supposed to see Sugarland in concert @ the Mass Big E fair w/ Sue, Bryan & Jesse. We were about to walk out the door, rain gear and all since it was pretty much pouring…just before we left Jesse decided to check the status of the weather on the Big E website. An announcement flashed across the page stating that the show had been cancelled due to illness. Freakin bummer!!! I was soooo pumped to see them no matter how drenched I got. Sue & I had memorized their new amazing CD & were ready to rock in the rain or in the shine! Oh well….FORTUNATELY….my boss had saved the day! Before I left for work on Friday I had won a pair of tickets to see the Brad Paisley, Jewel & Chuck Wicks concert at the Dunkin Donuts Center aka “The Dunk” in Providence. (Chuck Wicks’ is known for his recent #1 hit song is “Stealing Cinderella”)………So Steve and I decided to skip the fair & head downtown for a dry evening of 3 shows in 1! The country concert was completely awesome! We had so much fun & had really great seats! All 3 artists put on an upbeat show. Even Jewel---who I absolutely LOVE rocked out broke out her yodeling! Holy impressive!....Steve & I pretty much sang & drank the night away….the bad thing about getting to the concert so early to see Chuck was that I broke the seal early! HA…oh well!....During one of my bathroom breaks I passed 3 girls sporting lampshades on their head….obviously this was a tribute to Brad Paisley’s “Alcohol” song! Too funny!....Speaking of Brad…he gets the award for the most breath taking song…..While he sang “When I Get Where I’m Going” there were images on the screen of famous actors/singers ect who had passed away -including Don Knots…aka Barney Fife---(that made me think of you Dad!)…this totally brought tears to my eyes, such a lovely tribute…NOW the countdown begins for Rascal Flatts w/ Taylor Swift in November!!!!!

September 26, 2008


Ohhh yes...French toast w/ peanut butter...& syrup of course...if you haven't tried it I dare ya! :) I know it sounds weird but it is sooooo good! Especially with a side of fresh strawberries & a Starbucks vanilla frappuccino! Mmm Mmm Mmm....the perfect breakfast before a 10am mtg! Ashley, Emily, Jesse & know you wish you were eating some right now!.....Happy Friiiiiday! We have a crappy weather weekend ahead of us....rain, rain, rain....I am crossing my fingers the (outdoor) Sugarland concert in Mass tomorrow night doesn't get cancelled. I have no problem sporting a pretty lil poncho.

September 24, 2008


This was the view we had of the Newport water while eating dinner.....sooooo pretty.

Even though we walked off the dock last night w/ a great memory, 2 “Dexter” bobble heads & 2 Showtime tote bags…I had a bit of sadness inside of me…Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve said in my blog & as I’ve told people face to face, over the phone or through an email, I love it up here….BUT I am still homesick at times & still feel out of place…Last night these feelings crept up on me at the Showtime cruise. I really did have a great time but it just reminded me of how long it takes for me to feel comfortable around people I don’t know or haven’t known that long. It reminded me of how much I wish I could act myself w/ the snap of my finger, but just cant. If only I had the nerve to dance on the dance floor with everyone else but instead I stayed back w/ Steve & just watched everyone get their groove on. I wish I didn’t care about what I looked or sounded like when it comes to my stiff moves & not so great singing voice. I’d do anything to give two shits & just let it all out like I have no care in the world. Of course if I had a few more beers in me the two of us would have been shakin' our stuff along w/ the other COX employees but I didn’t want to get drunk at my 1st work party….plus the boat was a lil too wobbly to consume any more alcohol…HA. I wanted to remain in a good state & just take it all in…. It has still been a bit hard meeting new people inside of work and outside of work. Inside the employees that surround me are on their headsets all day, so if I get any chance to chat with them at all it’s for a quick second before our conversation gets interrupted by their next incoming call. I pretty much sit at my desk all day & do my work….the only time I take a break is to run to the bathroom or go to lunch w/ my buddies Lisa, Stacy, Stephanie & Cat. If only I was more out going & could strike up a conversation with anyone at anytime. As much as I don’t think everyone needs to know everything about me right off the bat I wish they knew just a lil bit about my personality & my VA background…I know it will still take time though, I keep reminding myself that I’ve only been here for a few months….After thinking about it I realized that it pretty much took me about a year or so to get comfortable with Steve’s CT friends….its always hard to come into a close knit group who all grew up in the same area. Luckily they accepted me with open arms & made it very easy for me to feel like one of the gang. I feel pretty darn comfortable doing anything & saying anything around them now which is a huge plus in my book….even acting like a fool on a Friday or Saturday night comes easily….Its safe to say that I can call them “my friends” too now…and that makes me smile.….Unfortunately for the most part here in RI I feel that when I am around people there is a line that divides “me” from “them”…I have never felt so much like an outsider in my life…I am still very much out of my element as I sometimes say….When you have lived in the same place all your life it is hard to call another place home. (Babe, no worries…home is still where the heart is…)…It’s just that things are sooo different up here, not in a bad way, just in a different way…if that makes any sense. There are a lot of things I still have to get used to. From the little things to the big things….Even though I’m a pretty patient person, I’m feeling very impatient about getting past this particular point….I know I will eventually make more buddies & act like myself more (without thinking twice) around the ones I already have…Soon enough I will be able to truly open up & show everyone the real me. In the mean time I will continue to put up a front & be strong….& of course hold in the tears that seem to sneak up on me every now and then…..

"Sometimes stepping into the unknown can make us grow as people, and show us things we never thought we were capable of. Sometimes it's healthy to experience a change of scenery and inject ourselves into a new life..."

~Natalie Brown~


MEAT...a lil dedication to Natalie, Lindsey & meat girls, oh how I miss the 3 of you & would LOVE to plan another (long overdue) girls weekend. ~Love~ Baby Beast :)

September 23, 2008


We totally used the timer for this one by propping the camera up on a rock....

Us @ lil Will's birthday party....
I think this is so the contrast of the light....

I only got little splashes....
No, I didnt line these up....they were like this on the beach...artsy esque.

Two seconds later Steve was SOAKED! Great action shot!

This was the ferry we took over....the top deck @ 9am=VERY windy...
Awwwe...Jacob & Amy @ lil Will's birthday party...
Lots & lots of bikes....
Instead of "Where's Waldo" how about "Where's Bill Lumbergh" from "Office Space"...HA!
Johnston Park Apple Festival....I think birds are just drawn to him....

As is what I captured from the Johnston Park Apple Festival, lil Will's birthday party, Block Island & the curls that I am sporting today since I came across my awesome Revlon 1 inch barrel curling iron!.....Even though Sunday on the Island was a long day we had a really great time together. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect! I owe Steve a big thank you for putting up w/ my picture taking & shopping habits…he had to stop & wait for me every 5 mins.... :) It's all good though, as you can see I really got some great shots!.....AND I didn’t only shop for myself, I picked up a few early Christmas gifts for some of the special people in our lives!...Plus I finally found 2 candle sticks that match our black & white guest bedroom! I was looking for black ones but never could find any…luckily I found a black & white pair that had a funky swirl print! Score!.....So now that I have experienced this awesome place it is my turn to tell you that if you ever travel to RI, Block Island is a MUST SEE…Don’t forget to check out the video we made on the ferry, it’s a few blog posts down.
Random…yesterday I got home from work & there was a package at the door….I was like uh oh, what did I order & forget about? ;) I opened it up and to my surprise was a Redken bottle of shampoo & conditioner, along w/ letter & a $25 gift card to ULTA. The note stated “CONGRATS”! As I read it I realized that I was one of the 1st 200 people to fill out an ULTA salon comment card & won the prize they were giving away! HA! Woo! Hoo! It definitely pays to fill those out!
TONIGHT: Just another perk to add to the list for working in the Sales department here at COX….I have been invited to attend the Showtime dinner cruise on the water in Newport this fine evening…& get this...I can bring Steve w/ me! The cruise includes transportation to & from the boat & the “6 D’s”….dinner, drinks, dessert, dancing, DJ & door prizes! I have been told it’s a night to remember!
OK last thing I swear…..speaking of door prizes…..Yesterday Steve went golfing w/ his work buddies @ CVS…it was a tournament actually. He walked away w/ a $50 country club gift card since his team came in last place…(Mike & Lee…you would be proud of him…HA!) & a pair of really nice Adidas golf shoes! Cool huh?
No really, these are the last 2 things… 1. Three days till I go brunette!!!!! 2. Four days till the Sugarland concert at the Big E fair in Mass w/ the gang!!!!!

September 22, 2008


You will LOVE these cards!!! Steve and I ran across them in a lil shop on Block Island yesterday. They sell them all over the states & are freakin hilarious! I think I am going to order some if you ever get one of these cards in the mail prepare to laugh your butt off when you open it! ;) (***Click on each card to make larger so you can read it.)