July 29, 2009


*Sue-what does NOVA stand for again? ;)

Pretty good deal I'd say...read below...
Lansdowne Resort, VA
Nuzzled near the Potomac River, this resort boasts rich greenery and the ultra-fabulous Spa Minérale. Get away from the city and book the
Simply Spa Package. Starting at $259 per night, it includes hotel accommodations, $100 credit to use at the spa, plus an additional 20% off Tangerine Manicures and Pedicures.


TONIGHT is my wedding hair & wedding makeup trial run appt!!! I am super excited to have my stylist practice what I have in mind for the big day!!! I have a few ideas thrown together & many pictures to take with me to the salon. I've been waiting for this exciting & fun item on my "To Do" list! Because I am bringing in a ton of business to Joden Salon in September my trial run is FREE...not to mention they are shutting the place down so it's just my bridal party on September 5th since there are sooo many of us! HA!..... I wish I had somewhere to go all dolled up after I'm done this evening...but of course I don't want anyone to see one of my lil surprises....especially Steve…..So after the appointment I'll have to undo my hair & take off my makeup before heading back home to my lover... oh well! It will be a fun few hours getting all pampered!

July 28, 2009


Apparently he is ALIVE & WELL! Thanks Dana for the link! I searched online & found more articles saying that William had not passed...how awful if this truly is a rumor...Everyone can just blame my sister Ashley for passing on this not so true news....HA! ;)

RIP William Hung...What a wild story....... the loss of 2 American Idols contestants in just 1 week....crazy.

July 27, 2009



July 24, 2009





I told you Im stealing this Michelle! ;)..........Milan is a friend from High School. He recently got married....it was a complete traditional Indian ceremony! You have got to check out these cool photos & videos that captured all of their special moments!



I heard this song on the radio yesterday while driving home from work...I blasted it in my car. It brought me back to 7th/8th grade when life consisted of no "real" problems or issues. It reminded me of the days when all of my girlfriends & I were super close and had everything in common, it reminded me of my old crushes like Mike Souza & Brian Lewis. It reminded me of non money issues, glow in the dark star stickers on my ceiling, my old friend Kristen Bane & making 3 way secret calls on the house telephone. It reminded me of Elizabeth Arden's "Sunflower" perfume, people committing to set plans & not waiting for something better to come along, dancing around in my room, nothing but good times, having the summers off & life w/ my Uncle George. It also reminded me of non busy schedules, how much I couldn’t wait to grow up & become an adult & have "big girl" responsibilities. It reminded me of a lot of things. My frown turned upside down for just a few minutes...this song reminded me of how life used to be completely carefree!......Take a lil break to click on the link below...turn up the volume....hopefully it will take you away, while bringing a smile to your face like it did to me! :)


PS: Speaking of "back in the day"....the super cool Back Street Boys are at it again....their new single "“Straight Through My Heart (Soldier Down)" is about to break out! Uh oh.

July 23, 2009


Oct 23...I will so be there, holding onto my seat very tightly...SAW VI. This merry go round poster is very disturbing...yet very exciting!

As for this, I was there this past weekend..."The Proposal"...loved loved loved it! A MUST SEE! Laughter & Tears all in one.

And yes Carrie, as you just posted..."500 Days of Summer"...I will have to check this one out next week if I can squeeze it in! I have a possible date w/ my dear friend Amy! ;)

July 22, 2009


My favorite memory captured at my animal print themed bridal shower this weekend in WV. Almost all of my bridesmaids that attended the special occasion...minus Rebecca since she had to leave early...Love these girls! From L to R: Amanda, Pam, Tiffany, Emily, Me, Natalie, Sue, Ashley, Kelly & lil Madeline in front... :) .....Stay tuned for many more photos & an actual post about my special day!


Crystal & Nick hosted a wine tasting party the other weekend...everyone had to bring a wine that started w/ the 1st letter of their last name! How clever! They had a great turn out, lots of wine, lots of food, lots of people & of course lots of horse shoes & beer pong!

Me & my babe...
Joe & Steve reenacting a pose from their college days...
Me & Steve
Silly...the wine was getting to me!
Poor Sue...she had no idea...Jesse & Adam=HOT...sizzzzzle.
Holy wine...
Me & 2 of my beautiful bridesmaids! Sue & Amy
The girls playing beer pong! Well...really we are taking a break for the camera...
Me, Jacob & Amy
Girlies! Sam, Sara, Crystal, Me, Sue & Amy
Boys! Steve, Bryan & Jesse

***The next day Steve & I dragged ourselves out of bed & to his double header baseball game...I just love watching him play!


I can totally see ourselves sitting on these rockers in 50 years.... :) .....We both wanted these sooo bad for our front porch. We found black ones at Wal-Mart for a great price! Thanks to the help of Brad & Bryan for putting them together...we have tested them out a few times already...I remember when I was little I would sit in my parents front porch rocker while chatting, eating, napping or watching & listening to a thunderstorm...I’m sure I will do the same w/ Steve & my future little ones over the next several years....awe...tear.


Here are the photos from 4th of July...we had a GREAT yet reallllly busy day...Matt & Nichole's house for the Canterbury Parade, Bryan's parents house in Plainfield, Josh & Michelle's house for their son's birthday party & then Rick's dad's house down the street from our home...We were very popular that day! Fun times...good memories...wonderful weather.

Joe, Mary, Steve & lil Joey...mid OJ pour all over Steve...
Crystal...nice swing!
Weeeee! Joe & lil Joey
Yeah Sue! Great form...
Me & my future hubby! :)
Awww! Sue & Bryan
The girls...Mary, me & Crystal...
Nick & Crystal...she looks so cute in his hat!
Parade...I love classic cars.
Steve stealing candy from the lil kids...HA!
Adorable Avery...

I love this one of Leah handing out the flags...


Sing the title of this blog entry to the tune of Lady GaGa's "Polker Face"...HA! ;).....I think I have been VERY good about keeping our wedding plans underwraps...for the most part at least. I wanted to keep it ALL a secret but just HAD to leak a few things here & there to my bridesmaids & close friends.....I know my mom's gonna beat my butt for this but, that's OK. (HI MOM!).....Here is a lil something something for my readers....just a "pinch" really.....
THANK YOU http://www.providencepinup.com/ YOU RULE.


Check out Michelle Obama's new do! Love it! She looks so FRESH!


Caaaaarrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy........ I wonder what the reason was behind this??? Interesting. Thanks Em for sending the article to me! As I said...keep me posted if you hear more!

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- The Associated Press has learned that missing mental health records for the Virginia Tech gunman have been discovered in the home of the former director of the university's counseling center.
Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people on April 16, 2007, then committed suicide as police closed in. His mental health treatment has been a major issue in the investigation of the shootings.
A memo from Gov. Tim Kaine's chief legal counsel says Cho's records and those of several other Virginia Tech students were found July 18 in the home of Dr. Robert H. Miller.
The memo to families of the massacre victims said the records were removed from the Cook Counseling Center on the Virginia Tech campus more than a year before the shootings.
The recovery of the records, which eluded a vast criminal investigation two years ago, was announced first on Wednesday by Gov. Tim Kaine.
UPDATED: 9:34 a.m.
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine says the missing mental health records for Virginia Tech gunman Seung-Hui Cho have been found.
Kaine made the announcement at a news conference Wednesday.
Cho killed 32 people on April 16, 2007, then committed suicide as police closed in. His mental health treatment has been a major issue in the investigation of the shootings.
Those mental health records were missing from the university's counseling center. Kaine said lawyers in a civil lawsuit found the records in the possession of a former worker at the counseling center.
Kaine said the records will be released as soon as possible.
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Virginia governor says missing mental health records on Virginia Tech gunman have been found.
Stay with News7 and WDBJ7.com for the latest.

July 16, 2009


I completed a lil project last week in our kitchen...I was determined to re-cover our kitchen table/bistro set cushions w/ something more colorful that will go w/ our (or my)couture/vintage/Paris/fashion theme. Here are the chairs before....
And after! Cherries! YAY! So fun! I tied them in by framing a few extra pieces of fabric & hanging them on the wall. I then purchased a cute apron & towel set that matched. It was so easy & cheap to do! All I needed was the fabric, scissors & a staple gun! It now looks like a brand new table & chairs set!Steve brought home BEAUTIFUL red roses recently...They were so pretty & smelt so good. Flowers really make me feel special. I had a huge smile on my face for days...Steve, I know they are dying...but please don't throw them out while I'm gone this weekend! ;)


@ 6pm on the dot tonight Sue & I will be heading to my neck of the woods for my "take a walk on the wild side" animal print themed bridal shower!!! WILD huh? Animal print attire & or accessories have been encouraged! I am stoked!!! I can't wait to see my family & girl friends! And I can't wait to introduce everyone to Sue who has been such a great friend to me up here!.....It's crazy though...I can't believe the wedding celebrations have begun...The past 7.5 months have flown by! I am sooo excited that things are just around the corner but at the same time I am a bit sad that the engagement period is almost over. Has anyone else ever felt this way? I’m obviously on cloud 9 & cant wait to become Steve's wife but I am a lil depressed that this stage of my life is coming to an end....I know its a good thing & I have so much more to look forward to,but still....Anyway...the drive is going to be a looooong one tonight, BUT it will be worth waking up @ home in the morning. Besides being pumped I am a lil nervous about having all of the attention on me. As you know, I am not the type of person that likes to be in the spot light. At all, even around friends & family. I am still a lil shy when it comes to being the center of attention around my loved ones. Not to mention I am a bit nervous as to what my girls have planned for me! I hear a quiz about how well I know Steve is in the works...my luck, ill fail. HA! ;) Uh oh... All in all it's going to be a wonderful weekend, I know I am going to make some wonderful memories & I know I'll come back prepared to share many wonderful photos w/ all of you!!!

Ooooh yes...in-between everything, I plan to meet up w/ my boys, Michelle & Rebecca on Friday for wings @ Greenbriar shopping center in Chantilly. This is an on going tradition for all of us. I miss our wing nights terribly.

This is the house I grew up in, Franklin Farms to be exact in Herndon, VA...my parents sold it roughly 6 (???) years ago...I was devastated! I wanted them to stay in that house forever...and then I wanted to buy it from them. I loved it! I had sooo many great memories in that house, on that private drive and in the cul-de-sac that led up to it. That is why when Steve & I were searching for homes I told him that my surroundings just HAD to be similar. :).....My sis says that when I go back to stalk it tomorrow I should knock on the door and ask if I can look around inside. I wish I had the nerve to do that, just like all the other times I'm sure I'll end up just driving by.....

BUT then when my parents moved out they ended up buying this house in Charles Town, WV...When my sister & I first heard about them moving out of state to yeee haw WV I thought, holy hick home. Little did I know they were looking for a house in a brand new beautiful neighborhood that included a gorgeous yard and a sweet in ground swimming pool (which I plan to lay out at) in the backyard! Even though I miss my old house I absolutely love their new one. :)

These are my 3 Maid of Honors (yes I have 3, why? because I can!) & bridal shower planners! My fabulous friend Emily, my fabulous friend Natalie & my fabulous sister Ashley. I love these girls to death. I don’t know what I’d do w/o them. All 3 of them are my rock...even though we are all for the most part complete opposites. I'll list a few of their characteristics that describe them so you understand what I’m talking about...I wish I was more like them...

EMILY: hyper, smart, talkative, very outgoing, super funny, short attention span, beautiful.

NATALIE: fabulous writer, smart, sports junkie, grumpy gus, funny, super sarcastic, beautiful.ASHLEY (& LOU): ex cheerleader, strong, doesn't put up w/ BS, outgoing, smart, grumpy gus, beautiful.

July 14, 2009


Totally getting this adorable bikini from Victoria's Secret for the honeymoon! The ruffles & splash of color make it sooooo girly!