July 31, 2008


HAIL TO THE REDSKINS.....& newcomer #5 Mr. Colt Brennan..... :) Thankfully there are a few bars in the area that play all of the games!


The birfffffday girl! The big 2-4...
Jacob & Danyelle's mom, Kyla, Danyelle & Kacey!
Me, Meghan & Amy!
Me...why do I look like I dont have any make-up on? Ewww.
On Monday I met Jacob’s sister Danyelle, who is SUPER cool. She invited me to her birthday dinner this past Tuesday night w/ her mom, Jacob’s girlfriend Amy & 3 of her girl friends. She is currently house sitting…get this---the owners gave her over $500 in gift certificates to their restaurant Meritage (http://www.meritageri.com/) in Warwick, RI! Crazy huh? After work on Tuesday I met Danyelle and her roommates at their apartment just around the corner from my building. I jumped in the car w/ them and headed off to dinner. All of us got FREE appetizers, drinks, dinner & dessert! Can you believe it? It was all sooooo yummy! What a beautiful place to eat at too! Thank you again for a wonderful time Danyelle, Amy, Kacey, Meghan & Kyla! I look forward to hanging out w/ you all again!

July 29, 2008


Today I have already received 6 compliments on my fabulous & funky black & white polka dot heels….I think they deserve a lil shout out of their own! Holllllerrrrr!
Ch-ch-ch-check it out! I got my ManDrama goodies!!! Thank you Carrie! The box arrived yesterday from Cali! I was so excited to open it up (cough cough---Steve!) & see what was inside! What a sweetheart for sending me all of the fun stuff! I will make sure I pass out the adorable tanks, koozies & stickers to my girls up North! For those of you who don’t know what ManDrama is check it out! www.ManDrama.com
This is the infamous Jacob Trombino. You have all heard me talk about him!
And this is his new home!!! CONGRATS TO JACOB!!!....Last night Steve and I helped him, his girlfriend Amy & his family move him into his house. Its sooo cute & cozy! The photo doesn’t even do justice….its completely updated inside! Stainless steal appliances, beautiful new furniture & a lovely backyard which is surrounded by a really nice white privacy fence. We are so proud of him!

July 28, 2008


Rain, rain go away....this is what the weather was like on Friday & on Sunday....
My thoughts? "Ppppppllllllllpppppp"

Most of you know, but....My boss gave me FREE tickets to see Sheryl Crow & James Blunt @ the casino Mohegan Sun in CT on Saturday night! How cool huh? Steve & I had a great time! We got there a lil early to have dinner & walk around the shops....of course we window shopped....Tiffany's & Coach=a BIG FAT TEASE......The 2 of us were wayyyyy more excited to see Mr. Blunt than Ms. Crow....We were not disappointed! James Blunt was amazing in concert! He really put on a show for his fans! My by far favorite song is "Goodbye My Lover"....he sings while playing the piano. It was beautiful. I’ve heard on the radio & on my favorite websites that he lets the crowd sing the last few lines....when he did this it gave me chills! Imagine the arena singing "Goodbye My lover, goodbye my friend, you have been the one, you have been the one for me.....Im sooo hollow baby, Im so hollow, Im so, Im so, Im sooo hollow." A-M-A-Z-I-N-G......It seriously took my breath away....We stayed for about 1/2 of Sheryl Crow's performance up until she started preaching about going green....& shortly after one of the security guards chewed me out for taking pictures. WTF...seriously! Everyone else was! Of course I got yelled at...holy embarrassment. We figured it was about that time to leave....I was definitely ready, although I do wish I stayed to see if she sang "Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man?".....Oh well. I'll live.
Ohhh Molly Moo…..she thinks she is sooo sneaky! Whenever I fill up my cup w/ ice water she just can’t stay away! This is her getting caught in action!

July 25, 2008


My boss just handed me 2 FREE tickets to see Sheryl Crow & James Blunt in concert tomorrow night @ the casino Mohegan Sun in CT!!! Steve & I will be checkin’ it out! I am freakin’ psyched!!! For those of you who are unsure if you have heard of James Blunt I know you have heard his songs on the radio…”You’re Beautiful” & “Goodbye My Lover”. Woooooooo! Hoooooooo!


July 23, 2008


HBO MAX that is….they stopped by COX today to raffle off prizes…& they brought us these super cute & yummy fudge bars w/ nuts! I ate way too many…my tummy is going to hate me later.

On a side note...it just got sooo dark outside in the past 5 mins…ATTENTION LOUIS: the storm is a commin’! As much as I love thunderstorms I hate it on the days I have forgotten my umbrella when my car is parked miles away. Booo.


Oh yesssss…I’m LOVIN the pretty, pretty, pretty perks here at COX! My heavily discounted internet, phone & cable sets in on Friday, we have a Paw Sox baseball box w/ access to tickets any time & over the last couple of weeks I have been given these items from my boss & the caterer at my Boston Market mtg! Pretty sweet huh?

July 22, 2008




Mon: Movie night @ the apartment…”Smokin Aces”. HOLY FREAKIN AWESOME MOVIE! Check it out if you haven’t seen it! It has an awesome cast!

SAT: Steve & crew’s 10 year High School reunion @ Wrights Mill Farm in Canterbury, CT! Gooooo Panthers class of 1998! (*Notice the outfit I'm wearing, when we showed up I realized I was wearing the same exact thing as some girl in Steve's class! OMG! My luck...)

FRI: Date night on Federal Hill in Providence, RI! It was restaurant week so we went to Geppetto’s & had salad, pasta, pizza & dessert for $30! But then we tacked on a $20 bottle of red wine…haha. Afterwards we went to Artini’s for a drink & then ended our lovely evening @ the 24 hr Wal-Mart where we found our black, gray & white guestroom bedding!

THURS: PawSox game in Pawtucket, RI. Red Sox David Ortiz aka “Big Papi” (SKV’s lesson #1) played since he was on the injured list & started off the team in homeruns!

Come visit meeeee! Yah, I admit it, I'm a bit homesick....I’m missing my friends like crazy, my family too of course. Its hard not seeing any of you or getting to talk to any of you face to face. I’m realizing how much I need a true friend to talk to on the good & the bad days….I missed out on Hila & Bobby’s camping trip this past weekend and I’m gonna miss out on Amanda’s birthday celebration next weekend…freakin blows! But I am having fun here & we have been staying super busy…it’s just a bit tough, but I try to keep a smile on my face. I can’t wait to see some of you in August at Paulo’s wedding; I am counting down the days…24 to go. It still seems so far away though….A visit from Pam & Joe is in the works, so that is fabulous! I can’t wait to see them if it all pans out. Who else wants to come visit little ole me in good ole Johnston??? Steve and I will promise to take care of you while you are here if you just jump in the car or hop on a plane! Let me know…:)

July 17, 2008

July 16, 2008


So I’ve noticed…..not all, but definitely a handful of girls here are, as Ashley called it “ghetto fabulous”!!!
They love smoking, scrunchies, homecoming/prom shoes circa 1990-2000, long strap “mom” purses & bright funky fake nails…
I wish I could lend them a helping hand & give them all a free makeover! Oh how I’d love to do that!

July 14, 2008


*Steve in action in the batters box!

*Bryan got to pitch!

*SUNFLOWERS=my fav...enough said.

*Me & my lover @ the Music Lady in Plainfield, CT!

*Steve & his boys @ the Music Lady in Plainfield, CT! Jesse, Jamie, Steve & Mike

*As you know...Im obsessed w/ classic cars!

*Girls night out in Providence, RI! Amanda, Me, Sue & Crystal


Located in a little “package store” (liquor, beer & wine) this past Saturday in West Warwick, RI was this FABULOUS bottle of red wine…It made me crack up out loud! I just might have to go back & buy it!

*Bitch Barossa Grenache 2004*
“The back label says "bitch" 77 times, followed by "some more". It is left up to you to decide what that means, because the sentiment would be appropriate for many contemporary situations. Whatever inspired it, thank goodness it arrived, because it is better than a box of chocolates.”