December 31, 2009


Goodbye 2009-Hello 2010
Have fun & be safe celebrating!!!
Drunk calls & texts from my NOVA peeps are welcome!!!

***A snowball fight in Times Square! (Thanks "A CUP OF JO")

***I sent the 1/2 that says "Friends" to my miss Emily in Cali for Christmas....I am sportin' the other half "Forever" today...Sooo vintage....I'm thinking she loves it as much as I do!

***My childhood friend Janelle Honeycutt who I went to Elementary, Middle & High School with needs your thoughts & prayers during this very difficult time....Please check out her story & website....

Background Story:
"for those that do not know Janelle was hit by a car on Tuesday Dec 9th at 10:30pm crossing a road near our house, she was with her boyfriend who has suffered some injuries and eventually will be fine. Janelle is in an induced medical coma because of a brain injury, as i write this it is day 6 and a miracle that she is still alive, everyday that passes i believe is a day in her favor. please keep praying for my baby girl, my angel. thanks"

***Rhode Island's annoying gas pump law (refer to one of my earlier blog posts)

(scroll down on this link to "A lil complaint:"

2010 RESOLUTIONS/TO DO LIST (as simple as that-check back for updates)
Join a photo club or take a photography class
Eat better
Get to bed earlier
Exercise/Pilates/Yoga (tone my tummy & plump up my butt) :)
Finish our basement
Organize our house more-inside & out.....OH & organize my major TO DO LIST
Landscape our yard
Regular manis/pedis/facials-personal care routine
Less caffeine/sugary energy drinks
Finish my invisalign process
Motivate myself more (even though we are always on the go, at times I feel super lazy)

PS: It's currently snowing.....where are you Spring??? I am already ready for you!

December 29, 2009


I heart US. Everything about the meaning behind the word.


One of my favorite gifts that Steve got me for Christmas was this very inexpensive & unique necklace from Keys & Memories on Etsy. Of course my necklace has a "D" on it. I love that it's something that not every girl has. It's chunky, funky & simple.


1. Congrats to our friends Brett & Jess for getting engaged on Dec 22nd!!!We are sooooooo extremely happy for them!!! Brett FINALLY popped the question!!! Jess' ring is gorgeous!!! Enjoy cloud 9!!! Hugs! :)

2. Totally purchased this adorable red hat for NYC next weekend for Natalie's 30th birthday! It may not keep me entirely warm but it's adorable don't ya think? :)
3. YAY! Natalie loved the scarf I sent her for Christmas! Thanks for the phone pic!
4. Thanks again to Adam for watching the animals (Kippy on his shoulder & Boo on the computer desk) while we were in VA for Christmas! Adam sent us this phone pic with the caption "Best Friends"- Love it!

5. REAL WORLD DC-DEC 30.....I haven't watched The Real World in sooo long, but since they are filming in DC (pretty much my home town) I will DEF be watching it this season!

6. NOTA "DOWN".....from The Sing Off.....What a talented group!

7. EVIAN ROLLER BABIES (Thanks Eve-I sooo stole this from you!)

8. SEX AND THE CITY 2 trailer! Yesss! Can't wait!

December 28, 2009


Dana! Come out come out wherever you are! :) YOU are the winner of an artsy fartsy photo from Marvin's Way! Congrats! Woo! Hoo! Thanks for playing! I think you were interested in the Hawaiian Tidal Pool! Carrie will be emailing you soon! Keep checking out her Etsy shop @ MARVIN'S WAY: What a wonderful New Years gift don't ya think? :)

December 23, 2009



This evening @ 5:55pm the hubby & I have a flight out of Providence to head home to VA/WV for Christmas with my family! I can't wait to see them as well as my friends! You all know how much I miss home...We will be in the area until Sunday so if you want to meet up give us a call! :)

Before I sign off...I wanted to share with you what our Christmas card looked like this year! Steve actually picked out the design! If you haven't received yours yet, be patient! It's on it's way!




DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....the winner of my 2nd free blog giveaway is...............





SHARON!!! :) Congrats Sharon!!! You have won the scarf! Email me your address @ & I will mail it to ya! Happy Holidays girly!!!.....To all my readers- I will post the item of my next monthly giveaway at the end of next week! Stay tuned!


Last night Steve & I were surrounded by lots & lots of goodies!!! :)

Our wedding video! How funky & colorful are the front & back covers of the case!?!?
"Danis-Established in 2009", pin up wall calendar & paper dolls from Amy & Jacob! As well as the 3 funky photos that Carrie sent me! (Marvin's
The after math of opening up 1/2 of our Christmas gifts & stockings together! We will open the rest in WV @ my parent's house!

Homemade sugar-cinnamon-chocolate chip cookies & a thank you note from our neighbors since Steve plowed their driveway!


Looooooooooooooove Lady Antebellum's new song "American Honey"! Love Love Love it!


Read the other day on People that Lisa Loeb is coming out with her own eyewear collection! If I ever need glasses one day I can promise you I will pick out one of her trademark frames!

Flirty. Approachable. Witty. Sincere...Lisa Loeb sees the world through her iconic cat-eye glasses, and we see an acclaimed, self-made musician & performer who redefines how women accessorize.Introducing the Lisa Loeb Eyewear Collection - Eyewear created by Lisa for others to find the look that defines them.The Lisa Loeb Collection features frames for every face, and a look for any occasion: the office, school, your best friend’s wedding, or the after party. Designs to accentuate a life fully lived. The Lisa Loeb Collection spans classic lines in black and tortoise shell, bold color, and signature accents such as temple designs, etchings and rhinestones. Each of Lisa’s frames bears the title of one of her iconic songs, and the colors in the line are, inspired by her love of food and the culinary arts.Explore the Collection and you’ll find a palette of colors that will complement any woman’s skin tone. The line also features frames to fit younger girls, as well as some unisex styles that will appeal to fashionable men.
The Lisa Loeb Collection. Eyewear that defines a life: yours.

December 22, 2009


That a year ago today, after work, around 7pm or so Steve was going to propose to me! :) That's right; it's our 1 year engagement anniversary! It's OK to have one of those isn't it? Who cares if not. I'm declaring it. HA! To make the story VERY short & sweet....we were getting things ready/packed around our 1st apartment to head back to VA/WV for Christmas (just like this year). I had gotten home from work a lil late & found Steve waiting for me to open up our gifts for each other since we weren’t going to bring them with us on our trip. We went back & forth opening each other's presents....about my 6th gift or so I opened up a box that had an engraved ornament that had our names and the day's date 12*22*08 on it. I had no idea what it meant...I was clueless! Until of course Steve got down on one knee, pulled out my ring, swooned me with bunch of heartfelt words & proposed!!! It was of course a super special night to remember! Here is the photo of us right after it happened....we were both on cloud 9!

This is our engagement slideshow for viewing pleasures...turn up the volume!

Last night we went to Yamato our favorite low key Japanese/Sushi place to celebrate a lil.... As always we had a really nice time together! :)

December 21, 2009


Here are the photos from my 2nd photo shoot! I am SUPER happy w/ them! I think KC & Jess are too! We had so much fun, even though it was pretty chilly out on Saturday! We took a few photos down the road from my house & then took the rest at KC's Meme's house right around the corner...Even though I LOVE them all, here are my favorites! What do you think? :)



I love you Mom & Dad! Enjoy your day off together! See you in a few days...

We celebrated w/ her & the fam Friday night.... Our gift to her was a personalized necklace from **! We picked it out & had 2 discs engraved w/ her 2 daughter's names. She loved it!

RIP Brittany Murphy....I learned of the awful news from Natalie last so so sad....she was only 32. LOVED her in "Clueless", "Just Married", "Don't Say a Word", "Uptown Girls", "8 Mile", "Little Black Book" & so on....

December 18, 2009


If you need to apologize to someone......send them the lyrics to, video of or flat out sing the song "Sorry Ass Apology". (did that make sense? I think it did.) I'm sure their heart will melt.... It's such a pretty song, this group ALMOST reminds me a lil bit of 112.


This week went by wayyy too slow...even though we were SUPER busy w/ our neighborhood town hall mtg, volleyball (which I am still very swolen, bruised & tender from) & our neighborhood Holiday party! Here is what we have going on no particular order!
photo shoot w/ Jess & KC
wrapping the last of our Christmas gifts
cleaning & laundry
lighted Christmas tree & dinner in Providence
dinner w/ Matt, Nichole & the girls for Nichole's birthday next week
uploading lots of photos
(possibly) shoveling/plowing snow
passing out a few Christmas gifts & Christmas cards
packing for VA/WV next week! Sooo excited to go home & see my family & friends!!!


THIS is Jess & KC! Aren't they adorable? KC is Mr. Jesse Collin's brother. KC was actually one of our ushers @ our wedding! I am doing my 2nd photo shoot for these 2 love birds on Saturday! I can't wait to photograph them! I have some fun/colorful ideas circling in my head! Of course I will share the pics with my readers as soon as I upload them...either on here or on my new photography blog if I get the chance to make one next week!

December 17, 2009


Hey that rhymes! ;) My dear friend Carrie-creator of "Marvin’s Way Photography" (& ManDrama of course) on is giving away a free print of one of her fabulous photos! All you have to do is leave me a comment on this blog post letting me know which photo you like on Carrie's Etsy site! I will draw a name & announce the winner right after Christmas! It's that simple! Check out these 4 funky examples of her work!



***OF COURSE...feel free to pass on Carrie's FABULOUS photo site to your family, friends & co-workers! PS: "Marvin's Way" will NOT be printed on the photo you win or the photos you purchase! ;)


I hate wings for lunch yesterday at work....mmmmm were they GOOD.

STARZ is promoting "Spartacus" here @ work...check out my sweet mask!
Kate Voegele Covers Jason Derulo's "Whatcha Say"
Don’t forget if you ever want to set up or even add on a service for COX cable let me know! I can help you SAVE through our Friends & Family program! Feel free to pass this onto your friends, family members & co-workers that have COX or want COX! Just email me @

December 16, 2009


Check out this cute website! I purchased my flower clip for our wedding from here... FLOWERCLIP.COM


Last call for my 2nd free giveaway! I will be picking a name next week for the black & white plaid scarf! Don't forget to post a comment on the giveaway blog entry link below to enter your name in the drawing! :)

December 15, 2009


Happy news for marriage equality today!! The City Council of Washington DC, the capital of the United States of America, has voted 11-2 to legalize same-sex marriage in the District of Columbia. Barring intrusion by the US Congress (which is highly unlikely to happen), same-sex couples will be able to apply for marriage licenses as early as March 2010! (

December 14, 2009


Incase you were wondering...these are my 2 latest mix CD's. I made them for our drive to VA for Thanksgiving...Feel free to copy them! They totally ROCK.


Rebecca: WOW! Thank you so much for my birthday gift!!! It arrived on Saturday! I can't wait to dive into this helpful book! You are so sweet for thinking of me! What a great idea! ;) Hugs!!!
Did you know actress Jayma Mays (what a unique name!) who plays in "Glee" & played in "Red Eye" went to & graduated from Radford University in Radford, VA??? She was there in 98/99 when I was there! I had no idea! Super cool.

Has anyone heard this new song? Or heard of this new group? Or seen this video? LOVE IT!
RydazNrtisT - "Sorry Ass Apology"
"I LOVE YOU" simply stated...this commercial makes me tear up!
This one too...
While searching for the above 2 videos...I found this one that was funny to share...