June 26, 2009


I’ve been informed that I have been a bit MIA lately. This is true. No internet service & minimal phone service can make a person MIA...& go crazy! ;) Just a quick update...We are ALMOST settled in our new house! It’s been a VERY overwhelming & busy week to say the least! Friday, we closed, moved & started the unpacking process! Friday night-Sun afternoon we were in DC for Hila & Bobby's BEAUTIFUL/ELEGANT wedding. Simply breathtaking. (tons of photos to come once we get wireless for our laptop!) When landed in CT & pulled up our driveway around 2pm just in time for Steve to head to his baseball game & for me to start diving into the millions of boxes we had in the garage. Steve got back a few hours later. By the time the evening rolled around we realized the hot water we had on Friday had disappeared. Let me tell you, that was NO fun! We were stuck w/ ICE cold water from Sunday night until Wednesday night. I was determined to wash my hair each morning & take a "ghetto" styled shower before heading to work. Since we now have oil heat we had to have the oil company come out to fix the issue. Luckily the problem didn’t last longer then it did!........There are still a few minor items here and there that need to be taken care of. This crazy rollercoaster ride is thankfully coming to an end...OH THE JOYS OF OWNING A HOME! ;).....Every night after work we have been working our butts off getting things taken care of. I guess it’s a good thing we don’t have TV or internet yet. Otherwise we'd be plopped on the couch the min we walked through the door!.....In between everything we have had the chance to have a few visitors stop by! Wed night Jesse, Danielle, Sue & Heidi came over for hamburgers & a quick tour! It was so nice to see them & show them around! Last night Amy, Jacob & the kids came over for (more) hamburgers, wine, a quick tour, yard sale "shopping" (HA!), the building of a firepot & the burning of wood/boxes/ect! Steve actually made this fire pit w/ the help of Jacob! It looks awesome! Very simple! He found the perfect spot for it, plus it’s free! We can't wait to pull some chairs up & sit around it this summer!...While we were outside last night I noticed 2 things that made me smile & made me feel a bit more "at home"...1. There were a TON of stars in the sky above our neighborhood! I haven’t seen stars like this since living at home in VA or staying the night at my parent’s house in WV! They were beautiful...I will be looking forward to drinking wine on our back deck while gazing up at them over the next few months...2. I noticed a blinking light here & there...& over there! What were they I asked myself??? Then I realized...Fireflies!!! I love fireflies! They remind me of my childhood...& the rings I used to make! HA!... It's just another one of those small things that just get's to me...I stood there on our long driveway & said out loud to myself...I could get used to this......Its funny, after talking to Amy last night I was telling her that I really do have the best of both worlds....I work in RI where there are malls & shopping centers everywhere down the street & I live in CT which is 30 mins away from my office where its the "country", little towns, wild flowers & fields. I’m thinking I’m going to be VERY happy.

OOOH...one last thing for my family & friends @ home, here is our schedule for the weekend:
FRI: unpack, unpack, unpack, organize, and decorate...hang yard sale signs
SAT: yard sale, unpack, organize, decorate, drinks w/ friends @ our house
SUN: Steve's double header baseball games, laying out on the back deck, unpack, organize, decorate

That is all. Everyone have a LOVELY weekend! HUGS! :)


My co-worker & friend Stephanie just informed me that the Blue Angels will be flying overhead around 3pm today here in RI! The yearly National Guard open house & air show is this weekend in Quonset! Pretty neat.


I am obsessed w/ these DOVE Gentle Exfoliating Cleansing Pillows...Thank you to my future sister-in-law Sara for recommending them! Although I think they are about to be discontinued from what Steve has said (since he knows EVERYTHING about CVS)...I plan to purchase as many packs as I can when I see them! They have made my face as smoooooth as a baby's bottom! ;)


As everyone knows by now...besides the passing of Ed McMahon just the other day... Farrah Fawcett was next, followed by Michael Jackson on July 25th, 2009. You always hear that death comes in threes.... I am in COMPLETE shock about MJ…..Ed & Farrah too, but I think we all had a feeling their time was coming... Like I said, what a shocking week in Hollywood & for the entire world…I was on my way home from work yesterday when I had heard on the radio that Michael had gone into cardiac arrest. I couldn’t help but start thinking about all of the NEGATIVE things that we all had heard & read over the past several years…radio DJ’s were talking about the nickname he recently received…”Wacko Jacko”….I don’t think anyone really knew he wouldn’t get up out of that hospital bed…..30 mins later I got home & felt sooo out of the loop- news wise. We still don’t have our cable or internet hooked up yet, so as you can imagine I was struggling not knowing what was going on. About and hour had gone by when I received several text messages & calls-literally all at once, from friends here & friends & family from home. Most of my texts read…Michael Jackson is dead @ age 50!!!.........HOLY SH*T I said out loud! I was in pure SHOCK, just as every human being was…It’s was almost unbelievable…could it be a sick joke I thought? I checked my AOL email through my phone & received 4 CNN breaking news messages. The last one confirmed his passing. This was when my negative thoughts started to change…I started to think about all of the POSITIVE music he had made and the POSTIIVE things he had done for many people throughout his life. He was an ICON, he was the KING OF POP. Words can’t even describe how huge he was…If you think about Michael Jackson & remember his music I’m sure each song brings you back to a certain day, place, time or year in your life. I bet you can remember where you were when you heard one of his songs or watched one of his music videos. I’m pretty sure that no matter what you believed in regards to all of those years he spent in court defending himself, all of those plastic surgeries & all of the name calling…you ended up washing it all away… even if it was just for a little bit. Here's just a “handful” of things that have crossed my mind ever since yesterday evening…to name a few….. “It Don’t Matter If You’re Black or White”, his infamous silver sparkling glove, “ABC”, the moon walk, “Man in the Mirror”, Lisa Marie Presley, "Billy Jean", the “Jackson 5” movie (which I watch EVERY time its on TV), Free Willy, “Thriller”, his unbelievable dance moves, “We Are the World”, McCauley Culkin, "Scream", his black slip on shoes paired w/ white socks, “Man In the Mirror”………of course the list goes on & on…it’s really never-ending. So take some time the next few days to soak in all of his tunes, documentaries that are going to be shown on air & all of the happy memories that MJ has made for you… let all of it bring a huge smile to your face & make a warm place in your heart… & please, just don’t forget…“Don’t Stop Till YOU Get Enough”

PS: Billy Welch-I am sorry for your loss, I know Michael Jackson was your hero.

RIP Farrah Fawcett...forever beautiful.

June 25, 2009


1 more month till our Jack & Jill party in CT!!!

Saturday, July 25th to be exact!

What is a “Jack & Jill” party might you ask? Good question! Let me tell you…For starters it’s a New England tradition! The idea behind it is to celebrate a couple’s upcoming wedding co-ed style! It’s a wedding shower/engagement party that everyone can attend! The party & $25 tickets/donations that go towards the bride & groom's future include: food, keg beer, entertainment & more! This is a fabulous friends & family friendly event!

Email me to find out who you need to contact in order to purchase your ticket ahead of time!!! :) BrwnEydAngl6@aol.com

June 23, 2009


OMG I cannot wait for this re-make to come out March 5, 2010!!! Tim Burton Unveils His Vision Of ‘Alice In Wonderland’....WOW is all I can say after viewing these images...Maybe Dakota Fanning will play Alice! She would be a good fit.

Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter
Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen
Anne Hathaway as the White Queen


Last night was the CVS Charity Golf Classic Dinner Gala @ the Providence, RI Convention Center. Me, Steve, Jacob & Amy went together...& then ended up seeing Joe 1/2 way through the evening. Luckily Amy had her handy dandy camera on her! Mine for the 1st time ever wasn’t charged due to the craziness of unpacking at our house the past few days. Thanks for taking some great shots Amy! The night consisted of cocktail attire, open bar, a VERY yummy meal (fruit salad, filet, stuffed shrimp, vegetables, potatoes, dinner rolls & 3 deserts) About 20 pro golfers were there, including miss Natalie Gulbis of "Celebrity Apprentice"-who Steve kept drooling over! ;) ...Maybe it was because Natalie's "cocktail" dress was pretty much a man's dress shirt that was up her butt! HA...seriously. Everyone's eyes got big as she walked up to the stage...I honestly don’t know what she was thinking, it wasn’t exactly the right attire for last night's event. Too funny...I still love her though!...After dinner the live & silent auction started. People were forking out money like crazy! Hands were being raised left & right for high priced bids! Jacob had to swat Amy's hands a few times since she was making motions that looked like she was interested in the crazy expensive items!...Once the auctions were over a Beatles cover band called "Beatle Mania" played! They rocked! They even sounded & looked like the real Beatles! All in all it was a super fun night, I was able to meet many of Steve's co-workers & put names w/ faces. I did feel a lil out of it since I didn’t know what they were talking about 1/2 the time but that's OK. We all ended up leaving between 9:30pm & 10:30pm...Steve & I didn’t get home until almost midnight. I am SOOO EXHAUSTED! But it was well worth it. Until next year! :)
* OH duh...Steve, his brother Matt & brother-in-law Troy are at day #3 of the golf tournament...they have free parking passes & several tent/trophy passes as well! I’m sure the boys will have a blast this fine rainy day...

How hot is Amy's dress! Love the hot pink! Cute photo of the cute couple! ;)
Amy taking pictures of my flower...
And then of my shoes...HA!
Me & Steve @ the gala...

Me & Amy after dinner!
This one came out great! :) "Beatle Mania" is playing behind us!
Steven & Me...Awe!
Steve, Me & Joe @ the gala...


Sooooo awful...very chilling...i cant even count how many times i have been on the DC metro throughout my life starting when i was very young...so scary...my heart goes out to everyone...

The D.C. Metro crash that took place on June 22, 2009 has claimed the lives of seven victims and has injured at least 76 people. As a result of the crash, Red Line services for Tuesday, June 23, 2009 is severely limited. Metro recommends that commuters avoid the Red Line entirely if possible. There will be several trips that commuters can take on the Red Line, however.
Commuters can take the Red Line back and forth between the Glenmont and Silver Spring Metrorail stations and between the Shady Grove and the Rhode Island Avenue-Brentwood Metrorail stations. The trains will consist of six and eight car trains and they are scheduled to run between eight and ten minutes apart. Expect heavy crowding if taking these trains. Red Line trains between Fort Totten and Takoma metrorail stations will be closed. You may visit
Metro’s website for complete schedules and details.
“This is an incredibly tragic day and our hearts go out to the families of those who suffered fatalities and to those whose loved ones are injured,” said Metro General Manager John Catoe. “We are committed to investigate this accident until we determine why this happened and what must be done to ensure it never happens again.”
Family members and friends continue to search for loved ones that were believed to be on the trains during the time of impact. You may call 311 for information and to determine which hospital your friend or family member might be located at. There is a family reunification center set up at 501 Riggs Road, NE in Washington.
RIP Ed McMahon...

June 22, 2009


I had one of THESE hairstyles when the double doors of the church opened up!?!?!?.....GREAT finds Amy! HA! I think my favorite is the rainbow one...


These are from my future Sister-in-law Nichole! I had to share them!(click on each to enlarge)

Holy action shot! Check out the candy & dirty items go flying! ;)
I love this profile shot of my mom...Awwwe!

Sandy (Jesse's mom)& Me...Sandy is our Justice of the Peace for our wedding! I am so excited about having her a part of our big day!


7 more shots from our engagement photo shoot...We can't wait to have the slideshow CD & actual prints in hand for our new house & upcoming pre-wedding events!!! YAY! Thanks again Stacey! You rock!!!

Stacey M Photography: http://staceymphotography.blogspot.com/

ENGAGEMENT SLIDESHOW:http://share.kurtgannon.com/stacey/DanisEng/index.html



Molly did not want to leave our empty apartment in RI...
Steve driving the rental truck from RI to CT!
The truck alllll packed up w/ our stuff! This wasn't even all of it! YAY for having a yard sale this upcoming Saturday!Miss Molly soakin' up the sun before heading out the door...

SIDE NOTE: This was my lill gift to Natalie when I saw her Saturday in VA. A paint splattered Showtime WEEDS t-shirt!


How cute are these!?!?!? I found them through a Providence "Things To Do" monthly email that I receive on a regular basis...


June 18, 2009


Why might you ask? Because I just ordered these FREE (minus 2 that I had to purchase for $5 each) catalogs! I can't live w/o my catalogs (& magazines of course)...it drives Steve crazy, but that's OK since I ordered a few for him as well! Let me know if you think I have missed any! HA!

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Dammmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.......these country stars are in super SHAPE!

June 17, 2009