January 28, 2010


This is what volleyball does to me. Luckily we picked up a softer ball recently-this is nothing. A few weeks ago not only were my hands swollen & bruised but my wrists were too! I try to suck it up though. Cause I want people to think I’m tough.


Drum roll please….and the winner is…EMILY!!! Emily- you have won my blog’s free giveaway I HEART NYC t-shirt!!! YAY! CONGRATS! In order to receive it, all you gotta do is share my blog with others & promise to take a picture of yourself wearing it so I can post it...sooner then later please! PS: I'll bring you your prize (other then me of course) this weekend! :).......Thanks to those who played! I will post my next free give away item in a few days!


Happy Birthday Sue!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!! Thanks for your friendship-I know I can always count on you! You have been one of my rocks since moving up North. Thanks for all of the goofiness you bring into my life! We have shared so many great memories already haven't we? :)


Kinda down in the dumps today….the sadness is taking over…. You know the line “my smile is my make up” (I wear since my break up with you…)……that pretty much describes me lately. I’m not the type of person to announce things if I am upset over something. Of course I announce it loud and clear to Steve but not to anyone else really. Unless I really need to. I don’t like dragging people into my problems and I don’t like people feeling bad for me. For the most part ill tell you if you ask, but I def try not to announce it or show it in my face that something is bringing me down-especially at work. But lately…things have been a bit rough- I feel like I'm starting to crack. The past few months actually…for many reasons…. Some I just can’t share with you…maybe one day. Things from the past still haunt me, things from recent have consumed me….things in the future make me nervous & scared….i still miss home, my family & my friends….my crew…my comfort zone. I don’t think that will ever change. I think that’s pretty normal for anyone if they move away from a place that they grew up in and never thought they’d leave. Yah I’m an emotional person but I don’t think I blow things out of proportion, I react certain ways only if it is needed. The times I do react, it is definitely needed. I get my feelings hurt easily at times, maybe it's my fault, maybe it's not. I have insecurities, that's who I am-can't help it. I like the small things...random notes, how’s your day, I love you’s, sunflowers, thinking of you's, hugs, kisses, high fives, good jobs & its gonna be ok…..mean a lot to me. Those small things make my day, week, month and year a whole lot better. I am thankful that the small things are what matters the most to me. Steve’s a lucky man, don’t you think? I do…. I’m going home this weekend for a friend’s bridal shower. I will be tending to my bridesmaid duties on Saturday. Should be a nice time, I will be back in my comfort zone, I will definitely enjoy that… the rest of the time ill probably be hanging with my family. I’m looking forward to seeing them & talking with them…really talking with them. Usually when I go home I have so much going on, this time around it will be different. In many ways really. I wish Steve could come with me. I know ill need him…..I'll surely miss him. Even though I know a few days away here and there is healthy, the timing is just bad. Ill see him on Sunday though & he’s only a phone call away, ill be OK….when I get back, I just want to crawl in bed with him & cuddle. That would make me really happy-reassurance from him about anything always makes me feel better. I guess that’s all I have for this raw post. It’s all meshed, I know. You might get me, you might not. Just felt like throwing my thoughts out there. Babe, if you are reading this I love you very much. I could say this over & over & never get tired of it....Annnd, that’s all I have.

PS: Boo got out of the house the other night, I had to go searching for him through trees & bushes. I think I might have a tiny bit of poison ivy on my pinky finger. I couldn’t stop scratching it as I was typing. Awesome.

January 27, 2010


SUPER swamped @ work lately.... bare with me... :)


with our next door neighbor peeps (plus their GF's) who (most of them) went to HS w/ Steve...YAY!

January 26, 2010


Here are the photos of myself, Steve, Crystal & Nick skiing @ Wachusett! ENJOY! http://www.wachusett.com/

Us on the ski lift... :)

Steve's got UPs!

Nick's got UP's too!


There’s this lil place called Scituate…located in RI. It’s very quaint. Almost doll house-ish. Steve & I went into the adorable town a few months ago to check out the antique shops. I was in heaven, of course Steve was not. :) I really want to show this adorable town around to my Parents, sister, girl friends & Aunt Angie. I know they will love it! There are cute lil shops, bakeries, flower shops & coffee shops up & down the strip. I plan to head back there (only 30 mins from our house) when the weather warms up. I am in search of a few “shabby chic” guest bedroom furniture pieces. Let me know if you want to join me! I’d love some company! And I’m sure Steve would love it if you went in his place!.....Here are a few pics from the day Steve & I walked around…

Later that evening, I took a photo of this gorgeous sunset....

January 25, 2010


1. Rumor has it a "Meet the Fockers" sequel is in the works! Children included! YAY for little fockers!

2. Had my 3rd photo shoot session w/ Sue & her future sister-in-laws Lisa & Jessica on Sunday! This session was more on the simple side. The photos were taken in the woods behind our house, our backyard & @ our town hall down the road. Can't wait to post a few of the shots!

3. Amy & I ventured out to Putnam, CT to check out the photo club Steve suggested I attend. Steve didn't mention we had to be at least 70 years old to join! ;).....All in all it was a good experience, the 3rd Thursday of the month is for competitions. The 1st Thurs of the month-which I plan to check out as well is to learn more about your camera. I'm curious to see if this club is really what I am looking for.


Most of you know I'm a sucker for classic cars. I just love love love them! In the mean time I will dream about this "classic" (notice classic is in quotes) purple (my favorite color) beauty!!! The 2010 Dodge Charger!.....Annnnd (in the mean time) I will continue with my small collection of classic cars in our kitchen until I can afford my very own classic car one day!


Seriously...In certain locations Burger King is going to start selling beer! How cool yet caaarrraaazzzy!

January 22, 2010


WEEKEND PLANS=DMV, salon appointment, house decorations/antique shopping, good times w/ good friends & my 3rd photo shoot session for Sue & her future sister in law’s!


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January 21, 2010


Uh oh....be careful! :) Steve & I eat cookie dough all the time...ahhh. (Thanks Mom!)


Apparently we don't give Boo enough water since he likes to drink from Kippy's (our bird) water dish as well.



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January 20, 2010


Sooooo sorry! I have been sooooooooooooooooo busy lately @ work & @ home! I've been VERY productive though so that's good!!! I will get back to my blogging later today or tomorrow. I promise! In the mean time..... check out Katy Perry's nails.... the new thing is to have a digital image put on your finger tips! HA! Very interesting....this image is of her very own cat. Neat? Or freaky? :)

*THIS is what happens when I ask my hubby to help me with the last stack of our wedding "thank you" cards....notice anything? :) Goodness....we had a good laugh about this!

January 15, 2010


My goal this weekend is to mark MANY items off my on going to do list...I feel like I will continue to drown until I do so. I MAY squeeze in some skiing on Saturday @ Wachusett Mountain w/ Steve, NicK & Crystal. But not sure yet...It would be fun but it would defeat the purpose of me trying to take care of things & get back on track by Sunday....ahhh. What to do...

UPDATE: And now tonight I'm going to see "Leap Year" w/ Heidi & Crystal! YAY! It looks like a super cute girly movie!

This map scares me...

PS: This is what happens when we leave a paper towel roll out @ night...Boo attacks it!

January 14, 2010


Since we had such a BLAST last year we are doing it again! This time around it's ON Valentine's Day... (therefore Steve & I will celebrate the holiday of love the day before) We went ahead and "splurged" a lil & purchased VIP tickets for Cat Country’s Go Red For Women Snowball concert! Dinner, champagne, red carpet walk/photos, prizes, surprises & a concert/meet & greet w/ Steel Magnolia, Josh Thompson & Jake Owen are all included in the Crowne Plaza Hotel ballroom! To top it off, we are going w/ a few friends that fine evening-all decked out in RED cocktail attire! Totally can't wait! :)

January 13, 2010


I am busting out laughing as I'm typing this....let me just say that Justin is one of my best friends in the entire world from Virginia. I can RARELY get or stay mad @ him. He is SUPER funny & SUPER unique. (Please say SUPER w/ a lisp. Thanks.).....Every now & then he will leave me the most random voicemails in his funny voices. Last night he left me a voicemail on my desk phone @ work. I had the pleasure of listening to it this morning when I walked in the door. Just a few mins ago I replayed it roughly 10 times & typed it out word for word to share with you. What a nut he is! :) Please keep in mind, some of this doesn't even make sense...again, this is word for word.

"Hi Mrs. Danis
This is Peterman from the corporate office. uh I'm sorry to have to do this, uh basically its not working out, I'm sorry were gonna have to let you go (insert giggle here). Were basically gonna come ransack your stuff and uh throw it in dumpsters by tomorrow morning,. If you do not receive that message by then. If you come into the office and uh people are looking at you weird and all your stuff is still in the cubicles, you might just want to sit down look around and realize that you just got fired uh. And by the way could you tell Linda (my Mom) that she is just a great woman and that Roy (my Dad) is an excellent great man, I mean I love them, they are awesome. But once again, you’ve been fired; we had to let you go, sorry it’s just not working out between us. So please do not come into work tomorrow, if you do, just come in and leave. Once you realize what’s really going on. Thank you, bye bye, Mrs. Danis anus. (<---my lovely nickname)"

PS: Justin-I have saved the message to play over & over on good days & bad... to bring a smile to my face (at the least) & to remind me of your crazy ass! :)

January 12, 2010


While watching "Brace For Impact: The Chelsey Sullenberger Story" of flight 1549 landing in the Hudson River last night I was flipping through my new INSTYLE magazine...

And came across these 2 new interesting beauty products....

The Loreal Roller...And the Lancome vibrating Oscillation...


This is my next FREE blog giveaway item!!! A "I Heart NY" grey t-shirt that I picked up from NYC this past weekend! Size Medium! Unisex! It will shrink in the dryer (which could be a good thing or bad thing) since it's cotton! What a great gift for yourself or someone else! Don't ya think? Remember, all you have to do is leave a comment (w/ your contact info) on THIS blog entry post for your chance to win it! I will pick the winner @ the end of the month! Good luck!


Mark McGwire + Steroids = BOOO.


A few of my favorite shows are back on this week!!!

#1-TONIGHT-Southland on TNT!
#2-TONIGHT-American Idol w/ Ellen Degeneres might I add! #3-TOMMORROW NIGHT-High School Reunion on TV Land!


Thanks Amanda!..........Edge Designs is an all-women run company that designs interior office space. They had a recent opportunity to do an office project in NYC. The client allowed the women of this company a free hand in all design aspects. The client was a company that was also run by all women execs............. The result: well.....We all know that men never talk, never look at each other .. and never laugh much in the restroom.... The men's room is a serious and quiet place... But now...with the addition of one mural on the wall......let’s just say the men's restroom is a place of laughter and smiles.

And they say women don't have a sense of humor. :)

January 11, 2010


HOST: Charles Barkley MUSICAL
GUEST: Alicia Keys (SHE ROCKED!!!)

Heading out @ 6am to stand in line... ;)
THE 1st line...
Our stand-by ticket...

Yep! That’s right! I was in NYC this past weekend for Natalie’s 30th birthday! 6am Saturday morning we stood in line in the freezing cold for possible SNL tickets. We were #’s 81, 82 & 83. We received a ticket but were informed this did NOT guarantee us getting into the actual show. We had to go back that night @ 10:45pm & stand in line again-this time LUCKILY the line was inside where it was warm! We waited roughly 30 mins & were sent to another line. Then we were told to prepare ourselves for going through the metal detector, even then we weren’t informed if we made the cut or not! Finally just a few mins later a girl came over to us that worked there & said don’t celebrate yet but you WILL get to see it live! Woo! Hoo! We had made it! We were in SHOCK! While texting friends & family to watch/DVR it! :) We were then shuffled into elevators & taken into the studio to be seated. We had to be quiet, not move (no bathroom or water breaks), turn off our phones & cameras-security was VERY tight. SNL actually started a bit late since the football game ran over. But eventually everyone took the stage! It was the neatest experience EVER! We were in the back row which was probably only 10 rows up right in front of the musical guest stage. Not to mention miss Katie Couric (who went to HS with my Mom & Uncles @ Yorktown HS in Arlington, VA) showed up & sat just a few people away from us in the audience. Too bad I didn’t get the chance to introduce myself! I was working up the courage to track her down after the show but she had disappeared into the night. Mom said I should have passed her a note but of course I didn’t even think about that at the time!....Anyway….there were about 5 rooms set up on the stage. Each backdrop was different depending on which set they were using that night. There were also several flat screen TVs above us to see what it was actually going to look like on TV! It was very interesting seeing how they put the whole show together & what they do when there are mistakes. The only unfortunate part was Charles Barkley & Alicia Keys pretty much did there thing & then got off the stage. They didn’t interact with the audience one bit. They did their job & then they were gone. Alicia did wave to the crowd after both songs that she sang but that was it. We were in & out pretty much as the show started & ended. Obviously the night was well worth getting up super early & standing on the streets of NY in under 20* weather! :)

PS: There was a kid that was working at NBC studios that TOTALLY looked like Kenneth from “30 Rock”. He was all decked out in a suit & tie w/ a ton of NBC pins on his jacket! Too funny!

Did mention the tickets were FREE??? If you get the chance to go to NY I would HIGHLY recommend trying to get tickets!!!

Here are a few links from the show if you didn’t catch it….