September 30, 2009


Sunday night Steve & I ventured out to Eastern Conn State Univ to see the Gym Class Heroes perform! Their 2 big hit songs are "Cupids Chokehold" & "Cookie Jar". Thanks again to Jesse for giving us FREE tickets! GCH is one of Steve's favorite bands! He has been obsessed w/ them for quite a while now. Every chance he gets he tries to introduce them to people. When we walked up to the gym doors we pretty much had a feeling we were going to be the oldest people there since it was on campus. We were right on. HA! I think we were older then everyone by 10-12 years! Minus the band of course. Who cares...because we had a BLAST!!! Completely sober mind you! ;).....The opening act was 30H3...I know you have heard of the song "Don't Trust Me"....the lyrics go...."don't trust a ho!" & "do the Hellen Keller & talk w/ your hips"....Yah, you are probably nodding your head right now. That guy of a 1 man show/2 man group was awesome! He rocked it!.....Finally Gym Class Heroes came out....they were phenomenal!!! We had such an awesome time! They took over the stage & the crowd! They pumped everyone up & put on a fabulous show! We were jumpin' & bouncin' around like little kids. Towards the end of the concert Travis the main guy & the guy with the huge afro stage dived. The band also threw out their guitar picks & drum sticks. I noticed that one of the guitar picks seemed to have landed on the floor. I waited until the show was over to dive for it! As I stood up I saw a drum stick go flying into the crowd, I turned around to look at Steve who had actually caught it! Crazy huh? After the show most of the band did an autograph signing in the gym lobby. Steve was in heaven. I took a ton of photos w/ my new camera. Love how they look...check em out!




Here is a lil tribute to my cat Molly. Molly is roughly 17 years old...that's pretty much 90 in human years. Molly came into my life around 7th grade when my Aunt Angie's cat had a litter of kittens in NC. I had no hopes of going home w/ a kitten that weekend until miss Molly captured my heart. I remember sitting on my Aunt & Uncle's bed w/ all of the little kittens surrounding me. I was wearing my cousin's sweatshirt which was way to big for me. I sat there Indian style w/ a huge smile on my face. All of the sudden Molly climbed up into my sweatshirt sleeve! How adorable! She snuggled up inside of the arm where my elbow was. It was totally a sign! She hung out w/ me the rest of the evening & helped me win the hearts of my parents & sister. It’s crazy how much a pet can be there for you. Good times & in bad. They always stick by your side. Molly has been there for me through the smiles & the tears, the heart breaks, break ups, deaths, new lives ect. She was the one I would talk to in bed while falling asleep all through high school & after my 1 memorable year of college. After my parents sold our childhood home in VA they asked me if I wanted to take her in before they moved to WV. I was so excited! Of course I said yes right away! Molly has lived w/ me for several years now...she has lived with Natalie, Rebecca & now Steve as well. She of course captured their hearts too. She has obtained the nicknames Miss Molly & Molly Moo. And even Molllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. :).....Now that 17 years have passed since my family 1st took her in, she is starting to age very fast. At an extreme pace really. It's so sad to say but she has been falling a apart every since we left for our honeymoon. She has lost sooooo much weight. She can't walk very well & she can’t really jump up on the bed or couch any more. She hasn’t touched her food in 30 days & is barely drinking her water. It brings tears to my eyes to think that I will probably loose her soon. She has always been so active and playful. She never acted old until just recently. She doesn’t seem to be in pain but at the same time she hasn’t been very talkative. Almost silent really, she hasn’t really meowed or purred...she is almost lifeless....Yesterday evening I picked her up from the vet after having some blood work done. The doc said that it could be a wide range of either a thyroid issue, kidney failure or even cancer. I am trying to wait patiently for the call from the clinic today....hopefully the news isn’t as bad as I’m thinking it might be. Please keep my Molly in your thoughts & prayers....she could def use a bunch of good wishes right now...Here are a few pics below that I took just a few days ago... :)

September 29, 2009


Steve had a CVS golf tournament yesterday after the tournament & after dinner they had raffle prizes! 2 of the prizes he won, out of many were a Clay Aiken CD & a Landon Pigg ("Can't Let Go") CD. I stole the Landon Pigg one from him. :) HA!..........Sorry Clay fans.


Here are a few new items I purchased recently that I wanted to share with ya....

1. Cover Girl's Out Last lip stain lipstick! It's like a marker! Doesn't smudge/smear! I rarely wear lipstick. I feel self conscious & seem to lick it off the instant I put it on. I'm thinking I will start wearing it more often after this fabulous find!
My luccious lips! :)
2. My sister uses this waterproof eye concealer by Lancome. It's called Efface. Medium Bisque is the tint. One of my new favs...
3. New grey sued wedge heels from TJ Maxx for only $15! I picked these babies up last night while running errands. They are super comfy & soft too! That's a huge plus!


The new PostSecret book drops October 6th! (

September 28, 2009


Here are the 3 photos our photographer posted on her website from our wedding day!


I got the guitar pick & Steve caught the drum stick @ the Gym Class Heroes concert last night! We got autographs too! YAY! Photos will be coming soon!.....PS: They put on a rockin' show! Best time ever! :)


Target already has Christmas decorations out...what in the world??? I was in complete shock when I saw this display Saturday night.

September 25, 2009


It's been a while since Steve's bird Kippy has made an appearance. This is her looking out the window while I was blow drying my hair before work this morning. Too cute!.....Sometimes. ;)