May 28, 2009


Rihanna to Be Ordered to Testify at Chris Brown Hearing ( ...THANK GOD. That is all I have to say.

May 26, 2009


***CALLING ALL REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DC!!! Casting Calls coming soon! ;) Google it.

We now have a (super long) driveway...& grass!!! We are stoked! Just beautiful!

Did you know Ed Hardy has his own line of wine? How fun! I want to try one of these! And then keep the bottle for decoration.
Mandy Moore's new CD "Amanda Leigh" comes out today....I heart MM.

May 22, 2009


Kate Voegele's new CD is everything but "A Fine Mess"! You should really pick up a copy for won't regret it.

Our plans for the holiday weekend are to relax, run errands, check on the progress of our house, laundry & a cookout @ "The Palace" (Sue, Bryan, Tom & Heidi's place) in CT! I am so ready for a 3 day break! HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND EVERYONE!!!

May 21, 2009


WHEN: Last weekend
WHO: Shannon, Steve, Meghan & Sean
MISSION: To surprise Sean for his recent birthday
OUTCOME: Accomplished
THANK YOU: Thank you sooo much Meghan & Sean!!! We had a BLAST! We are so glad we were able to work out all of the plans! You were wonderful hosts & really know how to show your friends a good time! Your place is beautiful!!! Again, I love your decorations! Thanks for giving us a Spring tour of the city! Sooo glad the weather was pretty much perfect! And, again, thank you for helping me find my fake COACH purse! And thanks for helping us get out of that locked ghetto van! That was nutz! Funny story though…At least I would have died in fake bag heaven. HA!...Until next time.....and YES, there will be a next time! Let’s try to plan another weekend sometime soon! PS: Sorry we were lame-o's Saturday night!

The view from the train when we left Sunday afternoon...

"I make it rain, I make it rain..."

After a long day of being crazy tourists & hitting up almost every store or fair booth! We walked away with my new fake (i have no shame) coach purse, 1 royal blue pashmina scarf, 1 leopard print pashmina scarf, 1 bright teal blue sundress & 5 NYC sepia photo prints! Yesss...most of these items were for me... HA!
The Mexican restaurant we ate at...
Meghan & Me
Holy German beer...= lots of alcohol.
THIS is called a RICKY....its 1/2 margarita & half beer!


Loooved this blue door...

Marilyn fav!
Steve & I on some steps in front of the store that Meghan found some AWESOME jeans in!

This place was famous on "Sex and the City"!
Hanging w/ Sady before we surprised Sean...She was so adorable! I want one!
Love this shot...
Buddies since High School! Steve & Sean...he was SUPER surprised!


1. All you Old Navy lovers out there!!! Attention! ALL flip-flops are $1 this Memorial Day weekend! That's right! 1 buck! Hurry your lil butt before they disappear! (Thanks to my COX buddy Amanda for bringing this to my attention!)

2. GLEE...did anyone see the pilot episode? LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

3. What a great find huh? ULTA stores & Shop it up!

4. American Idol...this was the BEST moment ever! PRICELESS! I love how Ryan said to "bikini girl" something along the lines of "I was going to ask you what's new, but I think we all know!"....KARA rules! Her voice & her REAL bod! ;)

May 20, 2009


If I had to choose I'd pick Mr. Adam Lambert aka "GLAMBERT" as our American Idol.... but i totally would "settle" for Kris Allen...or even Danny Gokie! :) Who do you want to win???


And here’s the clan's newest angel.... baby Ryleigh...I think this photo of her & her Mommy Pamela screams pure perfection. Pam, I will definitely be framing this one for our new house. Makes me tear up...Love you guys!!!


This is Rebecca's son Gabriel! And this is the t-shirt I got him! ROCK ON! :)


(Dogs, Cats, Birds, ect.)

My good friend Amanda has started her own business in Northern VA!!! Check it out & pass it on!!!

Why should I choose Happy Tails Home for my dogs?
Happy Tails Home is just what it says… A Home Away from Home! All for you animals! Do you constantly decide not to go away for a weekend or even on a long vacation simply because you can’t stand the idea of putting your dog in a kennel for a week and not allowing them to live a normal life? This is exactly how I felt about my dogs. Not to mention, every time I had to go away for one night, trying to find someone to watch my animals was almost impossible not to mention I always felt bad putting the “burden” on my family members. Happy Tails Home is the perfect solution for you! Not only will we keep your pets at our home with us and treat them as if they were one of our own, we also provide services such as going by your home to feed/ water your animal and have play time as well. This will be your choice! Just send your request to to request your specialized rate and date. Remember, we are doing this out of our home so there is a limit to how many animals we can watch each day. Don’t miss out on chances for the summer, BOOK NOW!

1 Day Visit (No stay over): $25.00
1 Day + 1 Night Stay: $40.00
Weekend Away Package: $90.00
Includes drop off at 6:00 PM and Pick up Sunday by Noon. (Extended time is available at extra charge)
Vacation for a Week! $300.00
Sunday Noon drop off to following Sunday Noon pick up.
Home Visit for a day: $15.00 + Gas fees
Includes: 7:00 AM Visit, Feed/ Water, playtime 20 minutes.
12:00 PM Visit, Water, playtime 20 minutes.
7:00 PM Visit, Water, playtime 20 minutes

*Wedding & Honeymoon packages coming soon!

May 19, 2009


TO BE CONTINUED: Check back in a few days for a follow-up post...

May 15, 2009


Look what Natalie found! HA! Oh my gosh... I think I actually remember this particular night...seems sooooo long ago!


hahaha, omg. i was going through my old yahoo e-mail that i never use
anymore to try and find contact info from an old boss in raleigh, and
i almost died when i saw this e-mail.

check out the DATE! bhaahahah

--- On Wed, 3/17/04, Vaughan, Shannon wrote:

From: Vaughan, Shannon
Subject: 2night
Date: Wednesday, March 17, 2004, 9:03 AM

u up for going to Shark Club in Cville or Champs in Reston? I'll wait
for you to get home from work and get ready and all that so we can
drive together :) I can drive, i dont mind. Tiff, Mike, Luke, Dave
Fernandez I know are gonna hang out so far...u could invite your work
friends wherever we go!



Yesterday I got a call from our apartment complex leasing office saying we had a package. At the time I thought it was the dress I had ordered for my cousin Kelly to wear at the wedding. I called Steve to have him pick it up for me...When he had it in hand; he called me back telling me it was an oddly shaped package from my Grandmother! what the package looked like... We had no idea what it was....Surprisingly Steve had waited for me to open it, so we went at it together....

And THIS is what was inside...haha...oooh Betsy! She is too cute! My Grandmother knows how much I love sunflowers. She must have spotted this wreath decoration while out & about one day in NC...It must have made her think of me. :)

RANDOM: This silver & turquoise butterfly bracelet is one of my prized's one of the pieces of jewelry i purchased in St.Thomas/St. Johns last May while we were there for Em's wedding. Every time I wear it it makes me think of her & that fabulous trip...

May 14, 2009


Finally, I am on my way to being a blonde again...woo hoo! Until next Fall of course! ;) This time around I wanted to ease my way into it instead of making such a drastic change. I went to Joden Salon & to my new stylist Dianna. She rocks! I am very happy w/ the outcome. She trimmed my hair a bit too, it feels so healthy & silky! Yay!...Ill go back 2 more times to get more highlights before I walk down the aisle to get those "beachy-sun kissed" locks! (Yep, one is a bathroom shot...My mom wanted me to send her a phone pic this morning, so i just had to!)


Meghan & Sean's engagement party & after party...

Jesse & his "date"... :)
"Ooooh Steve"...
Love this action shot of Meghan! Too cute!
Katie, Sue, Me & Mary...
Bryan & Sean...old buddies!
Adorable...Sean, Adam & Steve
Me & Sue!
The engaged couple! Sean & Meghan...

Leah's (Steve's niece) 3rd birthday party...moon bounce included!

Sunshine, basketball & beer... summer's almost here!