April 29, 2010


Maybe just a lil resemblance?

ME :)


THURS-MON: Homebound to Northern VA (is for lovers) w/ Steve!!! Making more memories w/ my parents & my peeps, all while tending to my bridesmaid duties for Tiffany & Derek’s wedding!!! I can’t wait to reconnect w/ the pieces of my puzzle... :)

The dirty details.....

THURS 2PM: Head to PA to break up our 8 hr drive & to spend time w/ Brett & Jess
FRI: Bridesmaid luncheon @ MiMi's Cafe & salon appt, Rehearsal & Rehearsal dinner @ PassionFish
SAT: Bridesmaid salon appt, wedding ceremony & wedding reception
SUN: Lunch @ Busara w/ Amanda, Justin, Matt, Jay, Andy, Rebecca, Dan & Michelle…finally meeting Paulo's twin girls & then heading to my parents house in WV to spend time with them & stay the night (in between all of this, maybe we'll have the time & maybe I'll have the courage to knock on the door of my old house Franklin Farms house...)
MON: Drive back to CT

In my head-on repeat: "The House That Built Me ~Miranda Lambert~
THE VIDEO gives me chills...



KATIA- COME ON DOWN! ;) You have won the “Anchor Away” necklace! CONGRATS!!! You will love it! I actually purchased one for myself. I will be wearing it this weekend! Thanks for playing! Email me your name & address when you get a chance!
PS: Feel free to email me a photo of you showing off your new accessory once you receive it! I’d love to post your picture to my blog!

***Twila, Cole, Katia, Ashley, Grace, April & Alisa-THANK YOU FOR CHECKING OUT MY BLOG!!! I LOVE HAVING NEW VISITORS!!!


April 28, 2010


Sooo I just check out that site in my most recent post below! I just ordered us 140 new address labels for only $3.17 from VISTA PRINT! How colorful & modern are these peacock goodies! Order your labels by clicking on THIS link & following the simple directions below.
HAVE FUN!!! :)
*Start creating your FREE address labels by choosing your design and personalizing them.

*After finishing, start the checkout process.

*Do NOT add any additional items to your order.

*And on the partners offers page, make sure to SKIP all the offers by leaving the boxes unchecked.

*Choose slow 21 day shipping (in my experience it never takes even close to this long!)


HIP 2 SAVE....Thanks for sending this to me Dad! :)
Check out the FREEBIES!!!


April 27, 2010


Thanks to my Aunt Angie who gave us an amazing wedding gift this past September! She offered up her expertise on how to start the process of landscaping our yard! A few weekends ago we were finally able have her visit us. She taught us all about the ins & outs of the process! I personally learned so much!!! I have never had a green thumb, or at least tried to have one. Ever since she came to our house I have been super excited & inquisitive about many different tress & plants! I have found my self walking around our yard checking out the progress of our seeds & bulbs obsessively! HA! Every day when I pull up to the garage I get out to inspect. Whenever there is a small amount of sun we are outside & inside watering our many plants & flowers! Even though we don’t have much to show, what we did has already made a HUGE difference in our eyes…..AND even though we don’t’ have much color popping up at the moment, we should hopefully very soon! Only if I planted the bulbs right side up…right Mom? The words/phrases/names keep popping into my head…. Anemones, Ivy, Annuals, Sunflowers, Zones, Catnip & Easter Lilies (Thanks again Heidi!), Strawberries (thanks to our neighbor for giving us their “run offs”), Bradford Pairs, Perennials, Forsythia---I could go on & on………On top of planting all of these goodies we hung a bird feeder on the back deck & hung 2 bird houses in the front & side yard. I think I might be turning into my Papaw-my Dad’s Dad. I’ve started to do some bird watching….I may need to pick up a pair of binoculars & some bird books! Seriously Dad…it’s scary…HA!........I'm very proud of myself...a bit shocked actually to find that I'm REALLY enjoying all of this! :) Don't get me wrong, it was A LOT of hard work for Steve & I but well worth it! Check out the pics below (click on each photo to enlarge)...I really hope to have a garden "feel" some day...colorful unique flowers EVERYWHERE!!! I'd love to see more butterflies fluttering around the house that's for sure... (please excuse our grass-ewww-THAT'S a whole HUGE different project in itself!)

The beginning of the process...

Reserved for my favorite flower---SUNFLOWERS!

Just had to capture this action shot of Boo...


TODAY is Jess's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jess!!! See you Thurs night in PA! Have fun @ the MP this evening w/ Brett! :)

TONIGHT is the return of "The Hills" & "The City"! On top of that Glee will be on as well! I heart TV drama!!! Unlike real life drama.

"The City" (love me some Whitney...annnd Olivia)

"The Hills" (love me some Lauren)


I did have one...Steve bought one for me a while back...We took it w/ us to St. Thomas/St. Johns a few years ago for Emily & Justin's wedding....I never came home with it. I think I left it on the plane... :( Booo. Believe me, Steve reminds me about this ALL THE TIME!.... In place of my ipod I've continued to make mix CDs. Here is a mix of newer songs for our drive to VA Thursday...I haven't finalized it yet... SUE! You will be getting a copy! :)

“Free” ~Zac Brown Band~
“All Or Nothing” ~Theory of A Deadman~
”One At A Time” ~Travis McCoy~
“Impossible” ~Shantel~
“Armada Latina” ~Cypress Hill f/ Pitbull & Mark Anthony~
“Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’” ~HANSON~
“Stay For A While” ~Nikhil Korula Band~
“(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To” ~Weezer~
“Eenie Meenie” ~Justin Bieber~

"Shut Up & Kiss Me" ~Orianthi~
“Terrified” ~Katharine McPhee f/ Jason Reeves~
“Onto The Next One” ~Jay Z~
“Be My Only” ~Schuyler Fisk & Tim Myers~
“This Afternoon” ~Nickelback~
“Your Love Is My Drug” ~Kesha~
“My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me” OR “It’s Only” ~Danny Gokey~
“Little Freak” ~Usher~
“Not Myself Tonight” ~Christina Aguilera~
“Rain Is A Good Thing” ~Luke Bryan~
“All The Right Moves” ~One Republic~
“Starting Over” ~Jennifer Lopez~
“Billionaire” ~Travie McCoy~
“Baby” ~Justin Bieber f/ Ludacris~
“Fast Forward” ~Jaicko~
“The House That Built Me” ~Miranda Lambert~
“Waiting For My Real Life To Begin” ~Colin Hay Band~
“Solo” ~Iyaz~
“All I Ever Wanted” ~Kelly Clarkson~
“Forever” ~Drake f/ Lil Wayne, Kanye West & Eminem~
“Blue Sky” ~Emily West~
“Strobe Light” ~Kimberly Locke~
“Forever Young” ~Jay Z f/ Mr. Hudson~
“When I Look At You” ~Miley Cyrus~
“Bullet Proof” ~La Roux~
“That’s What I’m Here For” ~Jason Castro~
“Hold On” ~Wyclef jean~
“Animal” ~Neon Trees~
“Miracles” ~Jeremy Messersmith~
“Hello, Good Morning” ~Diddy-Dirty Money~
“Giddy On Up” ~Laura Bell Bundy~
“The Call” ~Matt Kennon~
“???” ~Steel Magnolia~


The finishing of our basement is coming along! Slowly but surely! :) What a huge difference from when Steve first started! I am SO proud of him. He has been working his a*** off & has learned sooo much!.....Notice the built in book shelf, built in bar, sconces, dimmed lighting, 2 storage areas & more! It's almost ready for the mudding/taping/sheet rock/drywall/carpet/paint AND the decorating process-my favorite!!! Our basement will include a projector, projector screen, a disco ball, an exercise machine, black leather furniture, a pull out couch, an electric fireplace....I could go on & on! We really can't wait till it's complete!!!


Hugh Hefner saves the day....or the Hollywood sign...


April 26, 2010


Click on the link below & follow the directions! I'll pick a winner for the "Anchor Away" necklace this week before we head home to Virginia on Thursday!!! :)


April 23, 2010


Today is Friday...thank goodness is all I have to say! It has been a LONG week!!! Maybe because I'm going home next week...I'm sure that's why this week dragged.... What are we up to this weekend might you wonder??? A photo shoot for my good friend/co-worker Stephanie & her boyfriend Mike (who is also my co-worker) @ Goddard Memorial State Beach & Park....as well as a possible trip to IKEA w/ Tom & Heidi! It's going to be beautiful tomorrow but rainy on Sunday. Sooo maybe some yard work and/or housework. We are DEF going with the flow for the most part. LOVE weekends like this....


Steve's niece Leah sold lemonade last weekend for a good cause... :) (Thank you again Sue & Lisa for coming out!)
Love this one w/ her tongue out!
Check out Avery's cookie face-adorable!
The coolest play house EVER
BOWLING! :) What a random fun night....
Me & my hubby!
Heidi & I picking out tunes!
Heidi got a strike!
Stud muffin Bryan!
Tom & Heidi-gangsta!
Me & Sue-YAY!
Check out thos guns...Steve, Tom & Bryan!
Me & Steve again!