October 31, 2008


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Cool pumpkin huh? You can make one too by checking out the following site! www.glassgiant.com .....To all of my VA peeps...have fun celebrating this fine evening! I wish I was with you all...I am definitely going to miss going to DC or Georgetown or even a local house party! Oh those fabulous memories of a pool of people decked out from head to toe on the streets! Please be careful with whatever you all do! Have fun dressing up & take lots of pics! I am sooo jealous I can’t join you! As for my plans...Steve & I are staying in tonight to pass out candy to any trick or treaters. I tried really hard to get everyone to celebrate this fabulous holiday but not many people up this way were interested. I’m a bit bummed & frustrated but what can I do?...I even had my costume ready to go! Oh well…I guess ill have to save it for next year. I told Steve that if no one does anything again for the 2009 season we are totally flying to VA!.....Kinda funny though….as much as I hate to admit this I guess a low key evening works out for me…yesterday I felt a cold coming on, last night I was achy & had a slight fever…I feel a bit better today but am still a bit weak. So as much as I’d love to be dressed up in my pink ballerina tutu, a night on the couch is probably best….ESPECIALLY since I want to feel 100% better for tomorrow night’s RASCAL FLATTS & TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKIN EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I had missed this opportunity until Mohegan Sun Casino in CT announced they were adding on a 2nd show this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As most of you know Rascal Flatts is my all time favorite group! I am obsessed! I love them so much! And who doesn’t love cutie pie Taylor Swift? I have loved her since day one! What a great combination for a concert huh?!?!?!?!?! I have been to several Rascal Flatts concerts in the past but all of them were the $20 lawn seats @ Nissan Pavilion…As an early birthday gift for me, Steve & I ended up springing for some very close up---not to mention very costly--- seats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully the casino will let me take photos this time around without getting yelled at…I can’t wait to capture some amazing shots! PLUS I totally can’t wait to purchase a t-shirt…or two! YAY!!! As far as my favorite songs…I have two that I love from RF…..1. “Cool Thing” and 2. “Here” (this one I dedicated to my lover a while back)………and the one that I love the most from TS is her new one “Love Story"…………These 3 song lyrics are just more proof of me being such a hopeless romantic!
“We were wrapped up in a blanket
Red wine buzz kickin' in
A little Sarasota Moonlight
Driftwood fire burnin'
She was on break from Ohio State
And I was down there sellin' parasail rides
Just another summer day
Till I strapped her in and watched her fly
Talk about a sunset
All I could see were purples and reds
And her silhouette waving good-bye
She didn't come there lookin' for love
And the cool thing was
Neither did I…”
“And I wouldn't change a thing
I'd walk right back through the rain
Back to every broken heart
On the day that it was breaking
And I'd relive all the years
And be thankful for the tears
I've cried with every stumbled step
That led to you and got me here, right here
It's amazing, what I let my heart go through
To get me where it got me
In this moment here with you
And it passed me by
God knows how many times
I was so caught up in holding
What I never thought I'd find
I know now, there's a million roads I had to take
To get me in your arms that way..”
“I got tired of waiting
Wondering if you were ever coming around
My faith in you is fading
When I met you on the outskirts of town
And I said
Romeo, save me
I've been feeling so alone
I keep waiting for you, but you never come
Is this in my headI don't know what to think
He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring
And said
Marry me, Juliet, you'll never have to be alone
I love you and that's all I really know
I talked to your Dad
Go pick out a white dress
It's a love story
Baby, just say yes…”

October 29, 2008


Born Tuesday, October 28th @ 9:08pm weighing 7 lbs 8 ounces & measuring 20 inches.
CONGRATS Matt, Nichole & Leah! Welcome precious Avery

Myself, Uncle Steve & MiMi Cyndi waited on this side of the doors while lil Avery was being born...
How adorable is she? What a tiny bundle of joy!
Uncle Steve holding Avery...He is now an Uncle to 4 nieces & 1 nephew!
My turn! She was so fragile...even though I was scared I was in heaven.
Beautiful Mommy Nichole holding onto lil Avery...
A close up of Mother & Daughter...
MiMi Cyndi (Steve & Matt's Mom) ooohing & ahhhing over Avery...She made it from SC just in time!
Daddy Matt (Steve's bro) holding his lil Avery....
Just born...what a miracle. :)

October 22, 2008


My co-worker Joe took this picture of me today @ my desk w/ his new camera phone...he emailed me a copy w/ the subject line reading: "DIS GIRL BE FINE YO!!!!!" HA!


#19 Eddie Royal of the Denver Broncos: My Dad's old student!
Great view!
Mr. Champ Bailey...

Ummm not sure what is up w/ my "stance"...

Brady's replacement maybe? ;)
Champ Bailey again...
Yeahhh...club level tickets!
Steve & his buddies!


Monday @ 2:27pm I get a text message from Steve saying “Call me, it’s important. I just may have tickets to the Pats game tonight but u would need to leave work almost now.”………My thoughts???? UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! CRAP! IM IN A MTG!!!..........I was stuck! I had no idea what to do….a few mins later without being too obvious I text messaged him back. (Mom & Dad-THIS is why I keep my phone on me!) For those who know me really well I hate being stressed out and overwhelmed…especially at the same time. HOLY stressful & overwhelming situation!.....SOMEHOW…literally 1 hour later I had finished my mtg, finished everything up for the day, packed up & bolted out the door! Luckily, my boss is VERY cool & didn’t mind that I had left early. After rushing home & throwing on layers & layers of clothes Steve & I made it to Gillette Stadium in no time! Steve received the tickets through work. Unfortunately there was a bit of a miscommunication with when his work buddies were going to show up so we got there WAY before they did….BUT luckily Steve’s brother’s friends were there pre-gamming in the parking lot. We ended up joining them for a few hours before we headed towards the field. Once we got up to the club level we realized how amazing our seats were! 50 yard line, 2nd section up! PERFECT! Not to mention it wasn’t THAT cold since we weren’t to far up from the field. Even more PERFECT! Especially for me…since I hate being cold! We had such a blast watching the Pats beat the Broncos! Speaking of the Broncos…My Dad used to teach #19 Eddie Royal @ Westfield HS…Crazy huh? Wouldn’t that mean my Dad is kinda famous? ;)…..It was such a fun game to watch considering the Patriots seriously kicked some booty. They were doing such a great job & having such a great time that a few of the players even busted out some dance moves to Young Jeezy’s song “I Put On For My City”…now that was hilarious! And now because of that I can’t seem to get that song outta my head! Anyway….we ended up staying till the end of the game to see Pats take the victory. The only bad part about the evening was that we didn’t end up getting home until 2am! I was a complete zombie the next morning….How on earth did I ever go out super late & then go to work the next morning back in the day? Wow….hello soon to be 28, I am officially OLD.


Friday's girls night @ Coreen's house! Thanks for having us over Coreen!
Is she a good witch or a bad witch?

Love my new look?

Lizzie Borden museum...
Me & Amy...

Missy, Me, Danielle (Jacob's sister), Kacey & Amy!

Danielle & Kacey...cute hats! ;)
Steve's "I vant to suck your blood" model pose....yes, model pose.
Jacob & Steve...
Who would have thought the town of Salem would consist of witches consuming the streets? Not me that’s for sure! Did you know that when you go to this lil part of Mass those “other people” come out of the woodworks? Oh yah…they do. Saturday myself, Steve, Amy, Jacob, Danielle, Kacey, Missy & Joe spent the day & evening in good ole Salem! I have only heard of Salem because of 2 things….1. Lizzie Borden from reading about her in school wayyy back in the day & 2. The awesome movie “Hocus Pocus”….HA! Go ahead & laugh…its OK. This place was the coolest ever! I swear it was like we stepped into a different world….People roamed the sidewalks with costumes, capes & wigs….there were vendors everywhere! Food, hot cider & lots of goodies….not to mention psychic readings in every other lil store. I soooo wish I had time that day to get one, I am all about fortune tellers, tarot cards & readings! After we did a lil sight seeing we took a trolley car to a scary dark forest…what we thought was going to be a haunted tour ended up being a “spooky” story….Oh well! It was still fun but it was most definitely nothing like Markoff’s Haunted forest ( http://web.mac.com/markoff/mhf/welcome.html ) in NOVA!.....Thanks Jacob for putting this trip together! We would love to go back again!

October 21, 2008


Good morning! Happy Tuesday! How gorgeous is the sky? I captured this on my camera phone while driving into work this morning…breathtaking don’t you think? I dedicate it to my lil Emily....nothing but peace up there Em.................I do apologize-this blog is a short one today…I am EXHAUSTED!!! Steve & I went to the New England Patriots game last night w/ his CVS work peeps & had a BLAST!!! We didn‘t get home till 2am though! Soooo as you may have guessed I am crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy tired. I will post the pictures from the game & the pictures from Salem, Mass on Saturday sometime tonight if I don’t plop down on the couch when I walk in the door this evening… 2 days till Charleston, SC!!! :)

October 17, 2008


Shoe shot...my grey boots from TJ Maxx last fall that I purchased in PA!
I am sooo freakin bored right now & very unmotivated as you can see....2 hours till the weekend begins! Tonight is girls night @ Coreen's house & tomorrow is Salem, MA w/ the gang! Then...next week Steve and I are off to Charleston, SC to visit his family & attend Hannah's wedding! Hopefully we can also meet up w/ Miss Adrianna Baggetta & her Mom! I am super excited about this trip!


He loves "Skiing" the slopes....


Oh yah...the "Running Man"...

BRYAN: CONTESTANT #3......I think this is his "Superstar" pose!
The "couples"...Tom & Heidi, Bryan & Sue, Steve & Me...(thanks Adam for taking the pic!)
The girls that pretty much got kicked out....Me, Heidi & Sue...
SIDE NOTE: Louis-my bro! AKA "Nathan Scott" I know you sooo wish you were here for this! Your dance moves would have been even sweeter! ;)
Oh yah…For some reason Bryan really wanted us girls (Me, Sue & Heidi) to go out to the local dive bar in Plainfield, CT Sunday night…Still we have no idea why he wanted us out of the house sooooo bad…a lil fishy I might add! Anyway, the 3 of us gave in but told Bryan we would only go on Sue’s 1 condition….You guessed it…30 seconds of the sweetest dance moves! Here are the pictures to prove it!.....I do need to thank Bryan for this great idea though…we had a great time at the bar together…and I walked away (literally) feeling a bit more eased… ;)