April 28, 2009


UPDATE: The slideshow is now working!!! :)
Here are a few shots from our engagement photos w/ Stacey M Photography!!! (http://staceymphotography.blogspot.com/) We had a blast during our roughly 4 hour photo shoot! The slideshow on Stacey's website should be working this evening, so check back if you get the chance! I will post more pictures once we get the rest of the 12903489127348123472 photos we took a few weekends ago!!! Hope you love them as much as we do!!! :) Thank you again Stacey, you ROCK!!!

April 27, 2009


Want any? I am hosting a virtual show on behalf of my sister Ashley since she is a consultant. My show starts today and ends Monday, May 4th. If you are interested in anything check out the website & let me know what you want! www.pamperedchef.com

Because I am hosting in May, Pampered Chef does their “Help Whip Cancer” Campaign! $1.00 from each “Help Whip Cancer” product you purchase will help support the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer education & early detection programs! All these great products are PINK! This month’s guest specials are specifically chosen around this campaign! PINK dessert plates for only $21.50 or PINK polka dot hand towels for only $8.50…& much more!


How cute are these pink boat shoes from Target? I purchased them for under $5!...Don't worry Ash, ill keep checking the other store locations around me to see if I can find you a pair! ;)

April 24, 2009


If you haven't seen this already then check it out! It's the final product of our SAVE THE DATE PHOTO STRIP! I am so in love with it. I just had to post it again! Maybe I will post it a few more times before September 5th! HA! I bet I will... (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

This is me...I am smiling because I am very excited about our weekend plans & the gorgeous weather! Almost 80*!!! For starters, Steve's mom is in town...she came back w/ Steve & his brother Matt from Buffalo, NY the other night...She will be here until Sunday, sooo that will be nice! Here is what we've got going on...FRI: Shopping @ Burlington Coat Factory, dinner & then off to the Sheraton Providence hotel to show Cyndi our wedding reception site! Hopefully we will get to show her our church as well....The Community Church of Providence to be exact! SAT: Steve has baseball practice in the morning, so I am hangin' w/ his family @ Roger Williams Zoo in Providence! Then it's off to CT for Brett's Mom's Breast Cancer Benefit event @ the French Club in Jewett City! It will be so nice to see Brett & Jess...& of course Sharon...it's for such a great cause! SUN: Steve will take his mom to the airport while Amy & Sue come w/ me back out to the city for my Providence Pin Up photo shoot! I cannot wait for this! The outcome of my photos will be a surprise for our wedding guests. YAY!....Another packed weekend, that's for sure! We rarely say no to anyone or anything, I swear! ;)

Last night Sue, Amy & I went to the W Salon in Providence to get a FREE manicure & a FREE eyebrow shaping! FREE, yes, I said FREE! We were able to use the coupons I received at the Easter Brunch that Steve & I attended. Let me say that the 3 of us had a blast! It was such a low key evening filled w/ lots of fun & lots of laughs. Although Amy will call me a crazy driver I did get us there & back safely…haha! BOO to driving in the city! I hate it, especially when I don’t know where I’m going. Thanks to map quest & my handy dandy pink Garmin from my girls from home (Em, Pam & Tiff) we made it to our appointment only 5 mins late!...The salon has a very earthy/funky/modern/vintage-y type of feel. As you can see in one of the photos below they have their hair dryers hanging from the ceiling! So clever! As far as our mani colors, I went for black (to match my toes for my Providence Pin Up photo shoot), Amy went for midnight blue & Sue went for a more natural color….or should I say color-less? Just kidding Sue! ;)…I drank a can of coke while Sue drank a glass of wine & Amy downed 2! HA…I definitely want to go back again! The whole place was fun & up beat. Decent prices too!

April 23, 2009


1. I recently noticed that I have 2 new blog followers! Hello girls! Welcome! Happy reading! :)

2. Yes, I was one of those girls obsessed w/ the Hanson brothers in HS. Taylor to be exact....I was also obsessed w/ their #1 song MMM BOP for years! And yes, all of my friends made fun of me. Where is Taylor now might you wonder? Welllll...I just read last night on People.com that he is in a new band called TINTED WINDOWS....I'll have to check out the sound of their music this evening! If YOU check it out in the mean time, let me know how they are!


Taylor Hanson is best known as a member of Hanson, the multi-million-selling trio of brothers from Tulsa who have been recording and touring since 1992. James Iha was one of the original members of the Smashing Pumpkins, and has also been a member of A Perfect Circle and a solo artist. Adam Schlesinger is in the bands Fountains Of Wayne and Ivy. Bun E. Carlos is the drummer of the legendary Cheap Trick, with whom he has played since the group's inception in 1974.

April 22, 2009


For Admin Day from my boss (& team) a few mins ago...very sweet & very pretty! I feel special.


Check out the photos of Faith Hill posing as Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot & Grace Kelly in the new issue of Redbook....WOW.

PS: Check out Brooke White's (of last years' American Idol) cover of Coldplay's "Yellow"...it's on her new website & album...AND it's beautiful!!!


Sunday morning we went to Avery’s baptism. Avery is Steve’s niece who is about 5 months old. We attended a beautiful service w/ Matt, Nichole & extended family members @ their lil white chapel in CT. Afterwards we went back to their house to celebrate w/ lots of food! It was such a lovely day for a lovely occasion. Avery was so adorable! She didn’t cry or anything! What was funny was that whenever she made any sort of noise her big sister Leah would copy her. Leah had a few people in the pews laughing. Just adorable! Here are the photos from the special occasion…There is a photo of Steve, Avery & I that was taken out side, but Nichole has that one. As soon as I get it from her I will post it.


"Today is Administrative Professionals' Day. Do you have one of these handy helpers in your office? You're lucky - imagine what the office would be like without him or her!"


April 18, 2009


Last night, Steve & I took a walk around the pond at Johnston Memorial Park across the street from our apartment before dinner. Check out the "artsy fartsy" photos I captured!