November 30, 2009


We pulled it off!!! We totally surprised my family & friends in Virginia for Thanksgiving!!! Best plan ever! Details & photos coming soon..........on a side note.....

While driving to & from CT/VA we passed several of these billboards on the road....I've seen quite a bit of these lately....Each of them make me think, tear up, smile and/or giggle...Whomever came up w/ this billboard idea was GENIUS! There are a ton of them out there, if you live under a rock & haven't seem any of them, please keep your eyes peeled! Thank you.


This is one of the items' on my Christmas wish list (or any day wish list) for Steve....I found this unique "D" necklace on Etsy! I love that it's super different & funky! I have a good feeling about getting the chance to wear this around my neck in the near future...


Happy Monday! Just so you know...I can't get this song out of my head, but that's OK, because I sooooo don't want to! :)

"The way you can't cut a rug, watching you's the only drug, I need, You're so gangsta, I'm so thug, you're the only one I'm dreaming of, You see, I can be myself now finally, in fact there's nothing I can't be, I want the world to see you be with me..."

November 24, 2009


My friend Carrie is selling her funky artsy fartsy photos! Buy her stuff will ya? :)


I can't believe Thanksgiving is just a few days away. It's one of my favorite times of the year. I love food, my family, extended family, my old friends, my new friends & love the Macy's day parade. I am thankful for so many things. My list of things to be thankful for is way too long to post. I hope you all have a wonderful & happy Thanksgiving!!! Eat up, drink up, watch football, nap, enjoy your mini vaycay & take lots of photos.



I'm hosting a 3 in 1 product partayyy on Dec 6th!

Lia Sophia jewelry (Shaunna), Wild Tree healthy foods (Michele) & At Home America home decorations (Valerie)

Please let me know directly if you would like to order any products! Pass this onto family & friends!

My email address is: if you want to let me know what you are interested in!


Michele's Wild Tree website:

Valerie's At Home America website:

Shaunna's Lia Sophia website:


I really wanna rock the red lipstick...just not sure if I can do it in CT & RI...Maybe DC, CA or NY!
What do you think? Steve's response this morning was WOAH right before I kissed him goodbye...
Boo loves watching TV as much as we do.....
Victoria's Secret one day sale! Hurry! Offer code: ITEM20
Would you be my friend if I purchased this sweater? And wore it just like this?

Pottery Barn-FREE SHIPPING on Christmas decorations! Hurry!

Mmm! I smelled Mariah Carey's "Luscious Pink" perfume the other day! It smells sooo pretty!
Louis! Cartel's new CD is out in stores! They are starting to tour again! Yesssssssss!


Sooo unbelievably cute! Turn up the volume! I want this lil munchkin! :)

November 23, 2009


Saturday night I almost flushed my phone down the toilet. Yah, that's right...I dropped it right in the ole commode (one of my sister's favorite words!) @ Crystal & Nick's place. It was major sloooooooooooow motion! I had it in the pocket of my sweater when I heard a PLOP! Noooooooooooooooo I screamed! I reached in as fast as I could, took it out, dried it off, shook it a bit & removed the battery until the next morning. Surprisingly drying the battery out worked, cause it seems to be totally fine! WOW am I lucky....just had to share this lovely story. :)

This will be me @ 6pm this fine evening! I'm checking out Salon One Day Spa in Dayville, CT thanks to Crystal & Nichole! They suggested this place for me to get a facial. Sooo I went ahead and booked one! Looooooooooove getting facials. Fun stuff! Can't wait!

"The Blind Side" was a MUST SEE!!! Such a heartfelt story! I had a smile on my face & tears in my eyes the entire time...We went to see it Fri night after dinner but it was sold out, so we went back Saturday afternoon & caught the amazing flick. This was what it looked like outside of the movie theaters...."New Moon" overload! Teenie boppers everywhere! HA!

So I totally closed the fridge door on Boo yesterday...I was loading it with groceries & then closed it when I was done. About 5 mins later I noticed Boo missing & thought he had gotten outside. I started searching the front & back yard as well as the inside of the house. I finally heard him meowing but couldn't figure out where he was, until I got back into the kitchen...OOOPS! ;) He must have liked it in there bc he hopped inside again before I left for work today! Bad kitty!

***On an unfortunate note...Sunday morning when we left our house to go to the grocery store we noticed our mailbox was missing....we eventually found it thrown & bashed up a bit in our neighbor’s yard, along with tire tracks next to it. We have a feeling it was someone close to our age that was drunk & just being plain mean. It's so immature can someone be? Especially being close to 30 years of age??? GET A LIFE!!!....We talked to our neighbors where we found our mailbox since their yard was driven in-they wrong do-ers left some lovely muddy tracks. I started to cry as I got back into the car. Once you buy & own your own home & the things that go in it our outside of it you realize how important your property is to you. We spent almost $100 on our mailbox along w/ the stickers that read #33 & DANIS! Steve did such a good job on his 1st project-putting it together & making it look all nice the week we moved in! What this F'er did is sooo wrong! They obviously don't have a heart. Hopefully the police report we filed, along with the police report that our neighbors filed will help us find out who did this bad deed.....


I'm such a fairytale romantic....I'm a huge fan of the little things....I live for this stuff...

date nights...dinner & a movie or something creative
random greeting cards
notes on the mirror, left in my car or hidden about
love poems
flower petal walkways
a house full of lighted candles...vanilla & strawberry
holding hands
random hugs & kisses
love song lyrics
chocolate covered strawberries
hotel rooms
red wine
twinkling white christmas lights
romantic music
stuffed animals
bubble baths
love quotes
random i love you's
bed & breakfasts'
i could go on & can't put a price tag on any of the things on this never ending list...

November 20, 2009


I have an announcement! I have an announcement! I couldn’t wait any longer, PLUS since Thanksgiving is next week & most people are traveling, I decided to go ahead and pull a name from the 13 of you that had left me comments!

The winner of my 1st free giveaway is Mrs. Sarah (Snyder) Dempsey!!! Congrats Sarah!!! You have won these colorful funky beaded earrings! Please email me your home address so I can send them to you! Way to go girly!!! ENJOY!

As far as my NEXT free giveaway….this black & white plaid scarf could be yours, a friends, a co-workers or even a family members! As you know-all you have to do is post a comment & leave your email address ON THIS BLOG ENTRY so I can contact you if you win! I will continue to check back throughout the month (& maybe post a few reminders) to see who has commented! I will put each name at the end of the month into a hat & pick the lucky winner! It's that easy! If you can’t add a comment because you don't have a google acct, then sign up! It takes 5 mins & it's free! You can even use your current email address; you don't need to create a google one.


So remember the Holiday Mansion Shopping party I went to the other night w/ Crystal, Stacia & Sam? Welllllllllllllllll I received an email today saying I won one of the raffles! YAY! I have a $25 credit towards this cute lil lingerie boutique! I already have in mind white flirty, lacy, ruffly piece I want to get!


Holy tired today...didn't get home from the NEVA ceremony till really late. Steve was barely awake when I hopped in will be up soon-ones from my friend/co-worker Stephanie & then eventually the professional ones!

The NEVA committee totally surprised me w/ a funny card & this beautiful birthday cake! Minus the *trick* candles that were already taken out. They all sang to me & totally embarrassed sweet of them! ;)

Before I went to sleep last night I remembered to open the little package that my BF Emily had sent to me...this fabulous personalized coffee mug was inside! Does the girl look familiar? :) It says "Littles' Coffee" on the bottom, "Littles" is my nickname! Such a cute/unique gift! Once I hear back from Em I will let you know where you can find one of these! ***UPDATE*** Here is the link from Emily!

Tonight Steve & I are going out to celebrate my 29th. We are going to go to dinner @ Thai Basil (mmm!) & then catch the flick "Blind Side"! The movie features Sandra Bullock & Tim McGraw. It's based on a true story about Baltimore Ravens football player Michael Oher! I have a feeling it's a real tear jerker...

This is a photo of the real Michael Oher & his real parents...
SAT: I might check out the Plainfield, CT craft fair @ their town hall....then we are off to Crystal & Nick's house for Nick's birthday beerfest party! Everyone has to bring a beer that starts with their middle initial or the 1st letter of their last name. Crystal is so clever!

SUN: I have tentative plans with my new sis-in-law to have an early dinner/drinks @ a local winery!

Annnd that's about it, I think that's all I have for you today. If I get more engery later I will write more! Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!

November 19, 2009


Me=29. WOW! Crazy how time flies, I can't believe I'm almost 30! I still feel like I'm a 15 year old. A married one of course. HA!

Thank you again Amy for the Glee soundtrack!!! I opened it up last night as you can see.... Totally listened to it on my way into work this morning! It got me super pumped for a super long day ahead of me!
As most of you know I am involved with planning the COX NEVA Ceremony again this year. I am leaving the office shortly to head over to the hotel. I probably won’t be home till about midnight this fine evening. Here is a photo from last years event...this was our committee. Can you spot me? :) The color was blue...this year it's green! Keep a look out for a pic from this years shin dig!
29 things about me...I came up w/ 1-27 over a year and a 1/2 ago...I decided to repost it, then add 2 more things...ENJOY!
1. My parents spent thousands of dollars on my braces when I was younger…my teeth ended up shifting anyway later on in life. I am now an Invisalign wearer.
2. My nose is always cold so it always runs; therefore I am always wiping it. (This one’s for you Justin!)
3. My right pinky is crooked. When I was little my Grandmother accidentally slammed it in the basement door. Funny thing though, my left pinky kinda matches it.
4. Two days before I moved to Rhode Island I developed an eye twitch. My mom told me it was bc I was nervous and stressed. For some reason it still remains.
5. I wear long johns in the winter almost every day under my work pants and jeans. Natalie nicknamed them “my Bobs”.
6. It makes me sad to think there is a chance I won’t get married before my Grandparents pass away.
7. I hate the winter but love the look & smell of snow.
8. Last night I realized this. As much as I despise girls that have something from the infamous Tiffany’s, I secretly wish that just once I could open up one of those little blue boxes. Id love to have a piece of jewelry that isn’t popular with all of the other females in the world.
9. I over think things, worry, question things & read into things wayyy too much that it makes me sick to my stomach. Sometimes it’s a good thing though…I’ve learned it can uncover the truth.
10. The one person I consider my best friend is oddly enough my complete opposite. Oh how I miss my Emily.
11. I hate peas. One time my Dad told me I had to eat them or I couldn’t get up from the dinner table. I puked them up a few mins later, I never had to eat them again.
12. My sister and I wear matching pinky rings every day. We stole the idea from Haley on “One Tree Hill”.
13. My Grandmother passed down my Great Aunt’s antique diamond wedding band on my 25th birthday. I can’t wait to wear it as my own one day. I currently wear it on my right hand on special occasions.
14. For several years now I’ve wanted a small tattoo of angel wings on my shoulder blade. I will be getting it soon & it will represent my Uncle George watching over me.
15. I’m beginning to love sushi more & more…thanks for introducing it to me Jackie!
16. I crack my knuckles & my neck even though I know it’s bad for me.
17. I’m obsessed w/ Psychic, Medium and Clairvoyant Lisa Williams. She had a show on Lifetime but it was cancelled. I’d love to see her at one of her upcoming live appearances.
18. I am still in search for the best oil absorbing face powder. Any cheap suggestions are welcome.
19. I would love to go sky diving.
20. When I am around my closest friends I can be very silly, immature & hyper. Shocking huh?21. I’d still love to be an elementary school teacher or a hairstylist. Maybe one day.
22. I used to hate Tori Spelling…now I absolutely love her. Thanks to her show “Tori & Dean: Inn Love/Home Sweet Hollywood”
23. If I don’t have my coffee in the morning I get a headache. Me=addict.
24. I am very OCD & sometimes too organized. I get called out for it all the time.
25. When I’m back in Franklin Farms I drive by my old house & think about all of the wonderful memories I had there. One day I’m going to ask the current owner if I can go back in to take a look. Maybe all of the writings are still on the basement walls.
26. I found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with & am not afraid of the future. But…(see) #9…can mess with me since guys don’t express their feelings that often.
27. Sugarland is my #2 favorite country band….Rascal Flatts is my #1 of course. DUH.
28. I submitted a "secret" to Post Secret several months back. I hope to get the newest hard copy for my birthday or Christmas this year. There is a chance that my "secret" might have been published!
29. I just realized after reading #1-#27 that quite a bit changes in just a year and a 1/2---two years. For the better...some things in the slightest way, others in the biggest.

November 18, 2009


I heart sending out random photo texts to my friends near & far....what I love even more is when they respond back throughout the day! I'll add more as they keep coming in...



Tomorrow is the big 2-9! :) Holy old. HA! Just kidding, it really doesn't bother me....since I'm involved w/ planning this HUGE event at work that's tomorrow night I will only be in the office for a few hours tomorrow morning before I head to the hotel that it's being held at. My hubby & family are sooo smart... I received these WONDERFUL goodies a day early!!! Steve sent me super BEAUTIFUL 2 dozen roses-red, yellow, orange, pink & white! AND my family (Mom, Dad, Ash, Lou & Maddy) sent me chocolate covered strawberries (my FAV!), a cute coffee mug & birthday balloons! What a LOVELY surprise from all of them! I have been so busy today (& the past few weeks) getting these goodies didn’t even cross my mind! Thank you everyone for making me feel so special on my (early) birthday!!! YAY! SMILE! :)


People just posted 16 shots of their "SEXIEST MAN ALIVE 2009". Out of their mini list here is mine-in no particular order...

Ryan Reynolds
Jake Gyllenhaal
The guys of GLEE...MMMDavid Beckham
Chris Daughtry