December 22, 2008

IM ENGAGED!!!!!!!!! :) AHHHHHHH!!!!!

I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
:) :) :) :) :) :)


Luckily even with all of the snow, Steve & I were able to make it out to Coreen’s cocktail party in Mass Saturday night! I am so glad we got to go! We had such a fun time as you can see in all of the pictures. Thank you again Coreen & Chris! And a HUGE thank you for letting us stay the night!
Some of the girls...Me, Coreen-the host, Missy, Michelle & Jill-Chris' sis!
Steve chowin' down...
Ummm holy pig nose...HA!
Steve & I...
Timed photos in the kitchen...Love this one!
Peter & his mistletoe! ;)
Us again...
Peter & Coreen gettin' down!
Cheesin w/ Peter...
Missy & Me...
I told him he had to settle for a kiss on the cheek...
Just me...
My Obama action figure that I won during the "White Elephant"/"Yankee Swap" game! Yesss!
Me & my lover....YAY! My dress was blingin'!
Me & Coreen...
Coreen, Peter & Missy...too cute!
Joe & Missy...
HA! More poses for the girls...
Group shot! This one came out great!
Girlies....nice pickles.
Coreen & I again...check out that spark!
Another pose for the girls...
The boys!

December 19, 2008


JOE DOOLEY: THIS IS FOR YOU! ;).....Yep! That's right! The snow storm is here! It's 8pm & we have almost 10 inches so far! We are supposed to get even more tonight & the rest of this weekend! Here are a few photos of us checking it out just a few mins ago! We even went out w/ a ruler to make sure we got the correct measurements! As lame as it sounds it truly is a "winter wonderland"'s seriously sooo beautiful outside! (CLICK ON EACH PHOTO TO ENLARGE)

The start of my drive home from work....SCARY!

Me & my Uggs...holy deep!
The flakes are huge!

Steve w/ the ruler so he can tell Joe how many inches we have so far...HA!

This was around 4:15pm when I got home from work...
Everyone in our apartment complex came home early!


The snow “storm” is a comin’! Or so they say…the weatherman is calling for an 80%-100% chance of snow starting at noon today & going through Sunday or Monday. We are supposed to get around a foot of snow or so. I'm curious if it will actually happen! As much as I am excited about experiencing my 1st New England storm I am hoping it doesn’t ruin our plans for tonight & tomorrow. Tonight we are supposed to go to dinner w/ Matt, Nichole & the kiddies to celebrate the holidays & Nichole’s birthday, then the CT crew was gonna come over to hang out our place! Its usually pretty hard to get them out to our apartment since they are all right down the street from each other, obviously it makes sense for us to go to them most of the time…so as you can see I was pretty excited that they were all jumping in the car to visit us!....Tomorrow night is Coreen’s holiday party! Cocktail/Party dress style with a white elephant gift exchange! I sure hope we can at least make it to that…I have been so excited! I am also looking forward to wearing my new gold sequin dress!.....Of course if the snow prevents us from doing anything I at least hope to make some snow angels this weekend!

NOTE: RIP "Deep Throat"...W. Mark Felt – the FBI official who revealed himself in 2005 as "Deep Throat" who brought down Richard Nixon in the infamous Watergate scandal has died at age 95.


December 18, 2008


People here at work must think I have cooties. I attend a staff mtg every Thursday with my team of roughly 30 people. I sit in the same spot each mtg next to the same 2 people...sorta at the end of the table but not at the end-end. There are always a few extra chairs after me...When the rest of the team arrives, instead of them sitting in the chairs at the end, they take them and move them to sit in-between other people, making everyone scoot down to make space. That’s when I (unintentionally) end up at the end-end. Maybe it’s just me but this drives me crazy & makes me feel pretty crappy. Maybe I’m over analyzing this but it makes me think about this the rest of the mtg. Every time, it’s like clock work...I think about how many cliques there are on my team and how hard it is to make friends with these people. Sometimes I get a lil teary eyed during my staff mtg bc my mind starts to make me feel like I’m the weirdo from VA. As soon as my mtg ends, I bolt out of the room & go back to my cube downstairs---which seems to be my safe haven here. Am I being ridiculous? I wonder...Id rather people think I have cooties instead of them just not wanting to sit by me or even get to know me......5 more days till VA.....I seriously cannot wait to get back home.....

December 17, 2008


As some of you know we went to New Cumberland, PA (near Harrisburg) this past weekend to visit Jess & Brett for Brett’s college graduation! (CONGRATS BRETT!!!)….It was the craziest feeling driving back into PA…I used to visit Steve there every other weekend when he was living there before he decided he wanted to move back home. When I would make those 2 hr drives from Fairfax I couldn’t help wonder what my life would be like living in that area if Steve decided to stay. I was excited yet a bit sad to think that I would be 2 hrs from home if I followed my heart. It was a bit surreal passing all of the local shopping centers & landmarks…I used to wonder where I would work, where we would live, what I would do & who I would meet…Its pretty crazy that I was scared about moving “right down the street” when I ended up moving almost 8 hrs away to freakin’ Rhode Island!!! HA!...Even though making those weekend trips to PA seems so long ago, it seems like just yesterday when it ran through my mind in the car…….Anyway, Im done taking all my readers on a trip down memory lane……………..The 5 of us that made the drive had a blast! We didn’t get on the road until around 6pm or so but we still had time to enjoy ourselves once we arrived at midnight Friday night! As you can see us girls entertained ourselves with the camera while the boys played wii tennis. We hung out for a few hrs, drank some beers and passed out somewhere around 3:30am…or so. Saturday, the really sweet & caring Bryan woke us up around 7:30am…he is WELL KNOWN for doing this. I thought my Mom was happy in the morning! Bryan is wayyyyy happier & talkative! OMG! ;)…Once we all got up for the day we had breakfast at this cute lil diner down the road, we then came back to Jess & Brett’s house, got ready for the day and went bowling! We always have so much fun when we go! Unfortunately I had the 2 worst games of my life, but still had a fabulous time so it didn’t matter…One day, I will beat Steve-he can count on that!...After we left the lanes we checked out this awesome Flea Market & met miss Niki Carter there! (Niki: I can’t believe I didn’t get any photos of us this time around! I will fo sho next Friday night in Leesburg!) We all walked around and shopped a lil. Steve and I have been here before when he was living in PA a lil while back. Steve picked up his favorite rock candy and I picked up 3 pieces of jewelry for $5. SCORE! I also found this beautiful turquoise & silver antique necklace w/ matching earrings that were only $6! Niki showed Steve where they were in the market so he can add them to my Christmas gift pile! ;) I am trying very hard to forget about the matching pieces so I can be surprised when I open them up next week…haha… After about an hour we went back to the house to meet Brett’s parents, who had just arrived from CT for Brett’s graduation on Tuesday. We all hung out for a few hours & us girls chatted/laughed/gossiped with Niki in the kitchen until she had to leave for her holiday party. Shortly after, the rest of us went to dinner & a comedy show at Doc Holliday’s! The comedy show was a good one, it was a 3 in 1 kind of show. I was sooo scared about sitting up front bc I didn’t want to get harassed; luckily we sat far back enough to just enjoy ourselves & laugh our butts off!...Once the night ended we all pretty much passed out after a long yet fun filled weekend. We woke up Sunday morning and went back to the cute lil diner for some breakfast before we hit the road. The drive back wasn’t so bad, we ended up getting home around 6:30pm…just in time to unpack, relax & catch up on some shows! Thanks again Jess & Brett! You 2 are WONDERFUL hosts & WONDERFUL friends!

Us girls @ the bowling alley...Jess, Sue & Me
The sunlight peaking in through the house window @ 7:30am...yes, we were up that early because Bryan LOVES waking everyone up!
Sue & Bryan bowling...
3:30am...or so...Steve & Brett cuddling! ;)
Me bowling...
Me & Steve @ the alley...
Jess just got a strike!
Jess & Brett....typical! ;)
The girls! 3:30am...we had a lot of energy doing "cute poses" once we arrived!
Another one of us girls...Me, Jess & Sue
Bryan & Sue...awe!
And another...3:30am...we were chillin like villins.
The girls @ the bowling alley...
HUH..caught in action-HA!...Brett & Bryan
The boys! Brett, Bryan, Steve & Quiggs
Sue, Bryan & Brett @ the bar...
Again, typical! He is a NUT! He reminds me of Justin a bit...haha!
Another shot of the boys....bowling buddies.