March 31, 2009


GIRLS!!! Spa Week is April 13th-19th! Check your local spas for the AMAZING deals that will be offered!

Interested in Pampered Chef products? If so my sister Ashley is now a consultant! Email me @ if you would like her to send you some info! Keep in mind if you are "out of state" she can put together a virtual catalog show for you! Neat huh?

THIS is my sister Ashley...

March 30, 2009


Girls night in Hartford was the start of our VERY hectic weekend...First, I want to thank Sara for driving & Lauren & Denise for letting us all crash @ their place!.....While we all went into the city to check out Black Bear Saloon the boys stayed local in Plainfield & had a night in. It all started off at the girls’ new apartment! They truly have the coolest place EVER! It’s located inside an old mill….exposed wood beams & brick walls included! So funky! As soon as we walked in the door we started chowing down on food, listening to 90s music & eventually played a few card games. The cabbies came quick & we were off to the bar! I had SUCH a great time with them! The night has gone down as a very fun memory in my book! We talked, acted silly, took photos & danced in our circle all night long! It’s so funny how protective we are of each other. It was a "no boys allowed" kind of night…haha… anyone that got near us pretty much got the boot! The evening was free of drama & full of laughter & good times! The bar reminded me sooooo much of the bars @ home in DC/Georgetown/Adams Morgan ect…I seriously forgot how far away I was from NOVA… I can’t wait to go back again! It was only an hour away from where we just purchased our brand new house. I would love to head back to that area a few more times in the Spring & Summer, that’s for sure!

Some of us hanging out playing cards while waiting for the cab!
SISTERS! Denise & Sue
BEST SHOT OF THE NIGHT! Go Sara, Go Sara! ;)
Me & Sue!
SISTERS! Shauna & Heidi
Woah! Crazy times for Lauren & Crystal...
Another shot of us girls...
Timed photos after we got back from the bar outside of Lauren & Denise's apartment!
Hedi, Me & Sue taking shots!
Crystal & Me
Heidi, Sue & Me again!
Girlies @ the bar!
I was too embarrassed to dance in the circle so I decided to attack Sue instead.
Crystal gettin' low in our circle!
Late night eats after getting home! Why am I trying to be sexy? And is Crystal trying to sell her wine? HA!


The Harlem Globetrotters definitely didn’t disappoint us! I would recommend everyone to go see them play at least once & at least one more time after that with your kids! All in all I think Steve had a great time. I caught him laughing & grinning from ear to ear quite a bit. That made me very happy since I was unsure if he would like his birthday gift. Even though he did mention he wanted to see them a while back I was hoping I did good by actually purchasing tickets… I’m not sure if I can say the same for Adam & Jesse though… I think they were ready to head out the door around ½ time…HA! I know they had a nice time but it was a bit long, not to mention it was geared towards a younger age bracket. They were definitely good sports though & were very appreciative of being included in our outing to Providence!.......The Globe Trotters did all of their amazing tricks, danced up & down the court & had the crowd clapping & cracking up for the most part. I couldn’t stop grinning myself, I was in such awe of the talent they had- I kept asking Steve why they don't play in the NBA!..... To top it all off we had great seats! Center court, 2nd section up from the bottom, front row of the over-hang. That made the experience even better! Again, HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY STEVEN!

Us on the streets of Providence near the Dunkin Donuts Center...

The boys after the game...Jesse, Adam & Steve!

Me & the sweet Harlem headband...


Last but not least...
Sat night we headed out to Happy Jacks for Chris Berube's surprise 30th birthday party! His wife Katie threw it for him! It was such a great time! She had everything decorated & ready to go when we all arrived. Appetizers included! How awesome! We all got there around 6:30pm...we waited for Chris to walk in the door around 7:15pm. He was surprised quite a bit to see all of his friends & family! The night consisted of music, drinking, eating, pool playing, talking, etc... Meghan & Sean even came from NY!...It was such a great turnout! It was so nice to be invited! We look forward to hanging w/ Katie & Chris sometime soon... :)

Crystal, Sue, Me, Amy & Meghan...
He's so strong! :)

Me, Sue, Katie (The birthday boy Chris' wife), Tanya & Crystal! Jacket pose #1-SEAN
Jacket pose #2-MEGHAN

Amy jumping Jacob..haha!
Jacket pose #3-BRYAN
Steve & the Collins brothers...Jesse & KC
Katie & her hubby Chris-the birthday boy! Happy 30th!
Nick, Jamie & Steve...

How adorable! ;)

March 27, 2009


FRI: Girls night in Hartford, CT w/ Sue, Crystal, Lauren, Heidi, Denise, Sara! I can't wait! I will finally get to check out Lauren & Denise's new place & check out Hartford's downtown bars! I have heard so much about that area! Should be a VERY fun evening! Woo! Hoo!

SAT: We are checking out the HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS!!! I got Steve 4 tickets for his birthday in February! He had mentioned a while back that he would love to see them. Luckily I remember & purchased the tickets back in Nov. Adam & Jesse will be going w/ us! Supposedly Jesse is going to try & rush the court...We shall see what happens!.....After the fancy routines we will be heading back out to CT to go to "Happy Jacks" sports bar in Plainfield w/ the gang!


Even though I have a few favorites this season I think I am leaning towards Mr. Adam Lambert! I absolutely love his voice & his rocker look. Even though it seems as if he wears more make-up then I do, he is still my top guy! His last BREATHTAKING performance of "Tracks of My Tears" pushed him to the top of my list! I have always loved that song, Mary Jancaitis is actually the person who introduced me to it! I think it was on a mix tape her sister made that we listened to all summer long one year back in the day... ;) If you didn't catch his acoustic performance check it out on YouTube!

"Rocker" Adam Lambert...
Adam's cleaned up, "Elvis" look...
Speaking of songs…even though I’m not very big on Miley Cyrus I decided to give her a second chance after she helped perform Taylor Swifts’ song “Fifteen” (VIDEO: on the last music awards. Her new hit on the radio right now is called “The Climb”. It's actually pretty moving…I have heard it a few times & have to admit it has given me chills each time.


See Mom! I told you! Brooches are sooo in style! ;) I wore the one you or Grandmother (can't remember who) gave me a few years ago just yesterday! I received many compliments on it. Not from Steve though, when I pointed it out to him last night his eyes got really big, as if he thought it was weird! HA!...BOYS.

Celebrity brooches...
My brooch...
Funky feather earrings I found a lil while ago @ DOTS!
I picked up these shoes in NC when Lindsey & I visited Natalie a few years ago....I got them for a WHOLE $1 @ Rugged Warehouse!

March 25, 2009


1. We have updated our KNOT page quite a bit! Check it out when you get a chance!

2. Since we can’t register for our wedding @ our favorite places...HomeGoods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, IKEA & Ross.....we have decided to settle on the following 2 stores:



Here are the photos from BOSTON!!! Michelle, my lovely friend from home informed me she would be in the city for about a week for work. Saturday, the night they were to celebrate St. Patty’s Day was her only free night to play! Sooo of course Steve & I & a few other friends jumped in the car & then hopped on the train in our green attire! Steve & I arrived earlier then everyone else so we could spend some time w/ Michelle. We met a few of her co-workers that were in town from VA w/ her & started off the festivities w/ a late lunch! I can’t remember where we went but the place had great food & was already packed w/ Leprechaun look a likes! HA!....After we chowed down we headed back to her hotel to relax & wait for her sister Kristie to arrive. We eventually got all decked out & headed towards all of the craziness! That’s where we met up w/ Crystal, Nick, & Derek from CT & then Ruthie-who is Steve’s good friend from Guilford college! I had heard so much about Ruthie over the past few years; it was sooo good to finally meet her! She was so nice & so much fun!....All in all we had a BLAST; the weather was perfect to top it off! Thank you again Michelle for inviting us out & letting us crash in your hotel room! I am so sorry you had to get up so freakin early Sun morning for work! Hopefully those red bull’s helped you out & hopefully the smell of seafood in the convention center didn’t want to make you vomit! ;)

Steve just had to try on my earrings! LOVE IT!

Woah...Steve & Michelle...I think he is dipping her!
Ruthie & Steve! College buddies! YAY!

The girls...Me, Michelle & Crystal...
How cool is this? This was what Michelle's camera caught when she swirled around her sweet glow ring!

Me w/ the boys...Steve, Nick & Derek...

The girls...Ruthie, Kristie, Crystal & Me!

Mine & Michelle's dance moves. You should take lessons from us.

The boys! Steve, Derek & Nick!
A quick "bed pose" before heading out...