February 25, 2011


Annnd a packed weekend yet again!!! Im so excited about this weekend yet Im a bit stressed at the fact I have a feeling I won't get much sleep!

FRI: COX Stormy Awards work event...something I have worked on & put together for the past month. It's a yearly thing, I believe this is my 3rd year working it, maybe 4th? Just went shopping @ Best Buy for a bunch of prizes, giving away a ton of them this evening! Sweet. I believe I'll be home around 11:30pm...

SAT: Departing @ 6am...NYC for a girls weekend w/ my sister Ashley, mom Linda, aunt Lee & cousin Kelly!!! Steve & I are driving into the city together. The hubby will go his way & hang out w/ his buddy Sean while me & the ladies of the Vaughan/Wampler family do it up! Staying at the FABULOUS Fashion 26 Hotel! I scored an awesome deal, it's crazy! Hopefully we will be checking out DASH (The Kardashian's boutique) & FAO SCHWARTZ to play on the "Big" piano!-----Check out the photos below of the hotel! :) http://www.f26nyc.com/

SUN: CAT COUNTRY GO RED SNOWBALL: VIP STYLE starting at 5pm...The local country radio station puts together this concert every year. The proceeds go towards Women w/ heart disease. This year's line up includes Gretchen Wilson, Thompson Square "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not" & Jarrod Niemann "Lover Lover" & "What Do You Want"!!! (CLICK ON THE LABEL BELOW "CAT COUNTRY GO RED SNOWBALL" FOR THE CONCERTS IN MY PAST!)
***Like I said, not much sleep...but FUN FUN FUN!!! :)

February 24, 2011




Steve & I caught up on DVR a bit last night...Michelle Branch's song "Crazy Ride" played during a scene @ the end of "One Tree Hill", I had a feeling it was her, when I heard her voice, although Ill have to admit I thought it was "The Wreckers" her female duo group. I feel in love with the song instantly!!! Check it out....Im totally picking up her latest CD!

February 23, 2011


Dinner date w/ Amy tonight @ Agaves Mexican Grill! The new Mexican restaurant down the road from my work! Hello Margaritas & Guacamole! YUM! :) Really looking forward to this....sometimes life is so hectic, it's hard to keep up w/ each other just through email or the phone! Face to face is always a special treat!

February 17, 2011


Here goes nothing....

long weekend in NOVA!!! :) Visiting w/ family & friends, meeting lil Maddox Kimmel & photographing my 1st (low key & small) wedding!!! (<---scary!)

accepting positive vibes...i'll need em'!

February 16, 2011


1. Google "Bosom Max"...I dare ya! I saw this ad in a magazine last week! I texted it to a few of my friends & family members knowing they'd all get a good laugh out of it...

2. (I had permission to post this-FYI!) Yesterday Steve & I received this surprise photo postcard in the mail! It's of my cousin Jesse & his fiancé Carly! YES, I said fiancé! This was their way of announcing their engagement! The writing on the photo reads "Hey, are we getting married?" "Yeah...".....This is soooo Jesse & Carly! LOVE IT! Very clever & unique!!! It's officially on our fridge @ home! Congrats again you 2!!!...Now we have 3 weddings in August---3 weekends in a row!!! NC-NH-NY

3. My good buddy Paul Warren from home in VA emailed me yesterday morning to let me know he would be in Mass for work, wondering if Steve & I were close enough to 95 to meet for dinner on his way back! I was sooooo excited when I got his note! Its been tough not having my close group of friends around me these days---STILL... Sooo of course we jumped on this opportunity! What a special treat it was! The timing worked out perfectly for all 3 of us to meet up. Hopefully Paul will have another trip up North in the near future for business, if he doesn't come back sooner for play! :)


This past Friday night we hosted our 2nd annual neighborhood Valentine's Day party! All of our adult & kid neighbors came over for holiday fun! I snapped a few shots of our decor around the house....What a great time it was! And as I have said many times before what great neighbors we have!!! I love living @ the top of a cul-de-sac!
Goody bags for the kids... :)
The yummy punch that Steve made! 1 can of pineapple juice, 2 liter bottle of ginger ale, ice & watermelon sherbet ice cream!
Thennnnn Saturday night we had Heidi's (in the green vest) surprise 30th birthday party!!! Her boyfriend Tom & best friend Kelley put the whole thing together!!! They worked sooo hard! What a great night it was! Tom even catered the food---Mexican style & Kelley made all the decorations, including the photo backdrop & props! These photos pretty much sum up the night! PS: Today is Heidi's actual birthday! HAPPY 30TH PRETTY GIRL!!! :)

1 + 2 = 3

Sooo yesterday on my lunch break I took a quick trip to JoAnn Fabrics to purchase a backdrop for my 1st wedding that I am photographing this weekend back @ home in VA! Oh wait, did I not mention that??? Yah! It's the truth!!! GOD HELP ME!!! :) I am sooooo excited yet soooooo nervous!!! Any last min tips are welcomed my way!!! ;) LUCKILY my fabulous friend Michelle, who's birthday is actually on Saturday!!!---will be helping me out! My photography partner in crime really! We've gotta start somewhere right??? Anyway....so after picking up this fun background print (the color scheme/theme is red roses, black & gold) I came across the below....

Yep! I made this adorable headband! I found the band & the flower in the jewelry section of JoAnn Fabrics & thought how easy & fast of a project this could be! Wellll I was right! It took about 3 seconds to put together! A lil glue & I was good to go!

February 15, 2011


I haven't watched "The Bachelor" from last night yet but I couldn't resist checking out http://www.people.com/ to see who Brad said goodbye to. FINALLY! Miss Michelle got the boot! Even though there was a part of me that really enjoyed her outgoing personality, extreme confidence & humor Im glad she got sent home. Like I said in THIS post & THIS post a lil while back...Im more of a fan of the "nice" girls...like EMILY!!! :)

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February 14, 2011


Today is Valentine's Day. I love this day. I feel really lucky & thankful this year! We actually decided to celebrate last night for the most part. That way it made it easier for us, as today is a work day. It will be nice to just go home & relax when we walk in the door. Oh & watch the Grammy's from last night of course!....Sooo what did we do? Well let me tell you! We used our points from the hotel that we got married at & stayed over for FREE! Then we used a gift certificate my boss gave me for my birthday in November to the restaurant 1149 here in RI. Steve had never been so we thought it was a great idea, not to mention, the thought of dinner being FREE as well! A few days ago I had contacted the event planner of our wedding at the hotel to let her know we were staying last night. I asked her how much it would be to have some champagne & chocolate covered strawberries sent to the room. I figured if it wasn't too pricey, I'd have her send them up as a lil surprise for Steve! Well....it never hurts to ask ANYTHING, keep that in mind, bc she responded saying "its all on me!" WOW, I thanked her a million times, how sweet! Yesterday afternoon we drove out to RI (from CT) & stopped at one of our favorite stores near the hotel called "Anne & Hope", after that we checked into our room, got settled & exchanged gifts. Steve gave me black diamond earrings!!! Sooo unique, just my style as Im not a big fan of "fancy" jewelry! I just LOVE them!!! He did a great job (as always) & totally surprised me! Then it was Steve's turn....I gave him Kenny Chesney tickets for his concert in early April!!! This was actually a joint gift from myself, my parents & my sister & her fiancé for Valentine's Day (from me) & his birthday coming up Feb 24th (from all of us). As much as I wish Steve "jumped for joy", he was pretty darn excited & in shock that I was able to pull this off! He has always wanted to see Kenny Chesney, the timing of his upcoming show was just perfect! Thx again to a lil birdie who helped me out w/ this!.....After relaxing for a lil while, we headed out to dinner earlier then our reservation time, we were actually able to be seated right away. Steve devoured his filet mignon & i devoured my shrimp stuffed w/ crab meat! YUM! Afterwards we came back to our room & found a tray of goodies sitting on our bed! Yet again, SCORE! HA!.....Annnnnd to top it all off Steve sent me flowers! Multi colored roses to be exact, that came in a lovely red vase! They arrived at my office this morning so I've been able to enjoy them all day! I love feeling special!!! As I said... I feel really lucky & thankful! :)

February 10, 2011


Ill be home in NOVA next Thurs 2/17 for a few days! YAY! :) Anyone wanna hang out? Anyone wanna photo shoot?


February 2, 2011


In early December I found a "can't pass up deal" through http://www.hip2save.com/ for Steve for Christmas! The offer was with ESPN magazine. A 1 year subscription for only $3.99 SHIPPED! I was very curious as to if this deal would end up in our mailbox & it did just the other day! Steve of course knew about this @ Christmas time since I wrapped up a current ESPN magazine. I of course wanted him to have something to open for this particular gift.

This was the confirmation I received in December so you can see the price breakdown...

You will be receiving the following products:

1 x ESPN Magazine Subscription
Coupon Discount
- $22.00


How do I make my pictures larger within my blog entries? Is there a way to up the size directly through blogspot? HELP! :)


I stayed over night in a hotel yet again last night for work...this time bc of the ICE that hit us. While I was in bed watching "E" they showed the new cover of Vanity Fair magazine! Check out the Oscar contenders!
While googling for the full photo I came across this comparison...HA! Too funny!

February 1, 2011


***UPDATE*** Hip2Save recently posted this new coupon that doesn't expire until Feb 22nd! Now you have no excuse not to try "Carried Away"! :) http://hip2save.com/2011/01/bath-body-works-free-travel-size-item-15.html

Soooo through my favorite deal website www.Hip2Save.com I scored a coupon last week that stated if I purchased *anything* @ Bath & Body Works I would receive a FREE travel sized item of the new "Carried Away" product! I didn't get a chance to get to Bath & Body works until Friday, but the store still welcomed my print out even after it had already expired. My goal was to spend as lil money as possible, so I found a cute pink gift bag that only cost me $1! I picked out the "Carried Away" travel size body spray & let me tell you it smells sooooooooooo good!!! Like a light scent of flowers really! Steve loves it too which is def a bonus! :)