November 19, 2010


Let the 2nd round of celebrations begin!!! :)

Last night I had the chance to capture my car's clock while driving home from my work's year NEVA event! @ 11:59pm I was 29 years old...

and @ 12:00am I became 30 years old!!! :)

That's is my 30th birthday!!! YAY! I think this song/video fits perfectly! ~Good Charlotte~ "Like It's Her Birthday"

(Thank you again Natalie for my fabulous FB profile pic! You are a true artist!)


And the winner of the Old Navy gloves down below is LenorenevermoreLand of CONGRATS!!! Please send me your mailing address so I can mail you your prize! Don't forget to mention my blog on your blog as well! Shannon :)

November 16, 2010


FINALLY Prince William & Kate Middleton get engaged!
Meet Miles :) Our new kitten! Isn't he adorable?
LOVE Katy Perry's new "Firework" video! It actually took me by surprise-it's VERY moving...check it out & watch closely....

I think I have a celebrity bad boy crush on Jared Leto, never thought this would happen....
Have you ever heard of "Charming Charlie"? It's an accessory store (jewelry, bags, tights, shoes, clothes, decorations & more!) divided out into colors. This place is my HEAVEN! :) I came across it in Leesburg, VA where my parents currently live. Apparently it's @ Fair Oaks Mall as well (for my NOVA readers)...If you find one close enough to you, you have GOT to check it out! FYI: For my CT readers there is one in South Windsor & West Hartford. Just so you know...the prices are FANTASTIC!

November 12, 2010


MY FREE BLOG GIVEAWAY IS BACK!!! I KNOW YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! I will pick a winner on my 30th birthday---Friday, November 19th!!! :)

OLD NAVY Women's Fair Isle Flip-Top Mittens:
You'll flip for these cozy mittens, featuring a classic Fair Isle design! A soft sweater knit keeps your hands toasty with easy flip tops to keep your fingers free.

What a great gift for yourself or someone else! U.S.A READERS: All you gotta do is become a follower (see the right side of my page), leave a comment on THIS blog entry & post my blog on your blog stating my FREE BLOG GIVEAWAY-if you have a blog of order to have your name entered into the drawing! That's it! GOOD LUCK!!!


In September Steve & I celebrated our 1 year anniversary! Just for fun we had photos taken by our engagement photographer STACEY M PHOTOGRAPHY! Here is just a tease! In the near future Ill share some more when they are posted, then I'll share the rest in the Spring when we finish up our session. Yes, the Spring....we ran out of daylight & dry weather a few times, I was bummed but what can you do. Just another reason to get more shots taken in just a few (hopefully short) months! Thank you again Stacey! You are truly THE BEST! :)

*A lil story about this location...there is this barn & small farm house located on Rt 14, which is the road we live off of. I pass by it every day on my way to & from work. In the front yard is this cute old bike w/ a basket & a tree swing. I always thought it was the most adorable set up. Luckily Stacey had the nerve, since I didn't, to knock on the owners door & ask if we could use their yard in our photos! They were SUPER kind & thought it was such a sweet request! Some people can be so nice! YAY to that!

*Who watches Modern Family??? BEST SHOW EVER!!! Love this old time photo of the cast... *The 3 new CD's I'm rotating in my car right now....The Band Perry, Sugarland & Taylor Swift.


We had a Chinese buffet for lunch here @ work today... this was my fortune! AWE. Totally saving it...

November 11, 2010


*One of the trees fell in our back/side yard due to high winds...
*Purchased a new shower curtain from Target! I just KNOW I can find some cute decorations through ETSY to match the owl & squirrel print!
*My friend Heidi up here in CT printed out a bunch of my photos & made a collage on her family room wall! I'm famous! :) I told her that I need to do this for myself as well, I take so many photos but am so bad at printing them!
*Speaking of famous....back in September I made the paper! Steve & I were at a local craft/art fair & were stopped by the town paper's photographer! Cheesy picture & quote, I know...HA! One of the VPs in my bldg @ work that lives near us brought in a copy of it. He walked right into my NEVA mtg (yearly big event in Nov) & showed everyone! HA!
*At that local craft/art fair I purchased some fun inexpensive jewelry! SCORE!*I wore this necklace the next day @ work...
*I need to have these framed...I took this @ one of the country fairs' this year. LOVE how it turned out!

*My BFF Emily sent me a sweet care package one day...these were some of the goodies inside!
*Love my BOO! We hope to get him a female friend this weekend @ the same animal shelter we adopted him from. Whiskers Animal Shelter that is! Wish us luck!
*Last night I went to dinner w/ my sister-in-law Nichole @ a lil quaint, tucked away place called Heritage Trail Winery & Cafe! Here is the website!
The food & atmosphere was to die for! So adorable inside! A wife & husband own the place! The wife runs the winery & the husband is the chef. Apparently he has written a book & has been on OPRAH!...The photo below though, is the train in Plainfield, CT (where Steve grew up) that stopped in front of me on my way home. I sat there for almost 30 mins!!! THAT was an experience.
*Last weekend we went home to VA/NOVA for my 30th birthday celebration (PART 1-HA!) parents are living in the new town center located in Leesburg until they retire & move to NC this Spring. I spotted this decoration in one of the lil shops & had to take a quick phone pic! Notice the bottom right says "50 CENT"...HA!
*We woke up Mon morning to find snow on the ground! The date was November 8th. Now that is WAY too early for snow!

*Steve called me on his way to work Tues morning to tell me that it looked as if a movie was being filmed down the road from our house in CT. Right when you cross the line into RI. I took a detour to check it out for myself! The filming is happening on the property of a big red barn! Of course I didn't get a clear shot of it...HA! Oh well...I've tried googling this to find out what film it is! No luck yet though...You never know, it could be a big one!
*In October I bolted towards these sharp kicks @ Kohls...CUTE huh? $7 on clearance. SWEET.


For some reason Bone Thugs N Harmony's song from the wayyyyy past popped in my head when I saw this video on ELLEN roughly 2 months back... I disappeared again, I know. I'm sorry. So sorry...Even though I never thought it could happen I got into a blogging rut. Unmotivated pretty much. For many reasons I guess. Over the past few months I kept a running list of things to blog about. My list kept getting longer & longer, but I was running out of time to post the entries. THEN I started to get a bit overwhelmed with the thought of my blog becoming part of my huge on going TO DO list. Not good. There is so much I'd love to share, good & bad by crossing off the list as I go from top to bottom, but just a few moments ago I decided to delete it. Of course I cringed while doing so...but it was actually a good feeling. I'll definitely back track a lil & catch all of you up, but it will be quick & "painless" on my end. To start off, check out the video below if you are up for laughing hysterically! I have been wanting to share this for a while now!

***These two siblings have some fun after they both had their wisdom teeth pulled. They were recently featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. I don’t get these ‘high’ after teeth pulled videos. There are so many of these videos of people after anesthesia, but people love them!***