August 10, 2011


Onto the 2nd wedding on our list for August! (as you know this is our 3rd wedding in general as we attended our 1st one in June!) Tomorrow we are off to North Carolina for Kelly Lewis' wedding until late Sunday night! The Lewis family have been our close family neighborhood friends since elementary school! Our parents are the bestest of friends! And us "kids" continue to reunite every so often w/o missing a beat of course! SUPER exciting! The area that we are heading to is Wilmington/Sunset Beach. PUMPED! I can't wait to see everyone, including my family as my parents just retired into their brand new house down there! Steve & I will be checking out their brand new digs (built from the ground up) for the 1st time! While we are in town we will also be checking out downtown Wilmington, soaking up the sun on the sand & bringing out our inner "dorks" (as some would say) by sight seeing OTH's "clothes over bros/karen's cafe" & the rivercourt! I really can't wait for that part! Woo! Hoo!


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