September 2, 2010


Almost one year ago on (Sunday) September 5th I walked down the aisle of a beautiful stone church located in Providence, RI with a HUGE smile on my face while gazing into the eyes of the handsome guy below....I can remember that exact moment as if it were yesterday....I was beaming with excitement yet shaking with fear. I wasn’t scared to marry Steve I was scared to have everyone's eyes on me. I am not a fan of being the center of attention. :) Before the doors opened I had to ask my dad to hold onto me tightly, I honestly didn’t think I could walk. As I put one purple heel in front of the other I got into this zone, a zone I can't even explain. Everyone around me had disappeared, the only person I could see was Steve, my future husband, who was waiting for me... patiently...what an amazing feeling....thank goodness we had a videographer, I honestly love watching this moment (& all the other moments over & over...yes, I'm "that girl"!)....I will never forget our wedding day & how I felt, I will never forget the look on Steve's face & I will never forget the tiny stream of tears rolling down his cheeks as I approached him....the moment, as it should be, was perfect... :)

These 2 photos are my favorite shots (taken by guests/wedding party) by far....Steve & I dancing our 1st dance as husband & wife & posing for pictures outside (in the "abundant" sunshine-thx for the weather reminder/yearly weather coincidence Sue!) of the church before hopping on the trolley....Our 1st dance song was "Today" by Joshua Radin---The slow version---& get this, our vows were incorporated within the beginning of the song!..... & YES, it was Ellen & Portia’s 1st dance song as well! :)
Here is the live video from *Ellen*...

NOW on for our current exciting news!!! We are heading to Cocoa Beach, Florida early tomorrow morning through late Tuesday night to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary!!! We are super stoked about this!!! We are staying in the *RON JON* surf shop hotel!!! How awesome is that? SO AWESOME. :) While we are there we plan on relaxing, sun bathing, eating, drinking, dancing, site seeing & of course checking out this place---> ....Sooo as you can guess I will be signed off for a few days! I hope you all have a lovely long holiday weekend!!! HUGS!

***On a funny friend Amy sent Steve & I this email & photo (that she drew herself) the other day! HILARIOUS!!!....Luckily we won't have to worry about Earl anymore. Phew!

"Well be careful that you don’t get caught in Earl’s wind because you’ll blow away. Have Steve tie a string to your bikini just incase. It will be a twofer... relaxing day at the beach and kite flying."

PS: Shortly after we return from our trip we will be getting our 1 year wedding anniversary photos taken! Super pumped for that as well!

***Ahhh one last thing....I just have to share this bc I find it quite amusing....last year, on our wedding day a certain someone wrote a message on another certain someone's FB wall....I can't remember the exact wording but it said something along the lines of "What a lovely day for poop & pee!".....As for my readers, you might think...huh???....Let me explain...Poop & Pee aka Brown & Yellow aka the colors of a SUNFLOWER. Our wedding color scheme & accent print was Purple, black & white polka dots & sunflowers. Apparently this someone was trying to take a stab at our big day. Rude? Cruel? Jealous? Childish? I'd say so....But honestly it makes me laugh! Quite a bit actually. I LOVE SUNFLOWERS, so yah I LOVE POOP & PEE. :)


Dana said...

Someone wrote that on FB? That's really classy! Wow.

Anyhow, enjoy your anniversary trip =)

Stephanie said...

Have a great time and I love Amy's picture. how funny is that I said if you were here you would blow away :) Love you guys.

Meesh's Photo Blog said...

Aww yay, you have the picture I took of you two outside the church up! :) Happy 1st Anniversary!!!

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary!! Have a wonderful trip!!

elcw said...

Have SO MUCH fun celebrating!!!
I thought that picture looked familiar...I took the B&W :o)
UM Amy has a serious talent...she is a stick figure artist! ;o)
I love you littles. :o)

Sarah said...

Happy 1st Anniversary! :)

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Such pretty couple! :)

P.S: I'm having a fabulous Rebecca boho bag giveaway! Interested? :)

Kristy said...

Happy 1st anniversary!!! I'm so glad the hurricane passed before your trip! Have fun lovey birds!!