September 1, 2010


***Here's a lil something extra...these 6 new HOT songs are in my head!

1. "Shape of You" ~Jewel~

2. "Just The Way You Are" ~Bruno Mars~
3. "Just a Dream" ~Nelly~
4. "Anything Like Me" ~Brad Paisley~

5. "From A Table Away" ~Sunny Sweeney~
6. "Club Can't Handle Me" ~Flo Rida~

I believe I forgot to share this... a few Friday nights ago Steve planned a surprise date night for me! I had no idea what he had up his sleeve... we ended up going to dinner @ our favorite Japanese & sushi restaurant Yamato (which was FREE since our club card was stamped out! HA!) and then he took me to see "GREASE" the musical @ the Bradley Playhouse in Putnam, CT! How awesome is that! I knew about dinner but not about the musical. We had a blast! Of course what a great idea! I have always loved "GREASE"! The theater was sooo cute---popcorn, soda & intermission included! This is The Bradley from many many many years ago...I can't believe it's over 100 years old! I would love to go back in time when this photo below was taken...

A lil bit about The Bradley...

The Bradley Playhouse is an over 100 year-old Vaudeville Theatre in the heart of the Putnam Antiques District in the Quiet Corner of Northeastern Connecticut. It is an amateur community theatre, operated by the members of The Theatre of Northeastern Connecticut; Inc. TNECT produces seven season shows per year and several special fundraising events for The Bradley Playhouse Restoration Fund.

Now onto one of my fears....while driving down the road, well more on a highway I'd say... I am pretty freaked out about being behind these 3 images...can we say holy FINAL DESTINATION??? (1, 2 or 3---take your pick!)

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