July 21, 2011


Just purchased the latest Kate Voegele CD "Gravity Happens" using our Best Buy rewards online. I <3 Kate. I first heard of her while watching "One Tree Hill" several years back. I saw Kate perform a lil while back in a VA coffee shop, what an intimate show that was!
The view from our new hammock area...sooo peaceful. Can't wait to relax on it this weekend, maybe even take a nice nap.

How cute! My Grandparents left this note on our (dirty a**) oil heater in the storage room of our basement when they visited in June. We recently noticed it so I had to snap a quick photo! I don't plan on cleaning it off. EVER. :)
My new fake "Toms" from Payless! Silver glitter sparkles! So fun & so me!

The "American Apparel" newsletter hit my inbox the other day.... check out these fabulous shades! My favs are the red ones on the top right.

ROCK ON Miss USA. Simply stated.

My top 4 snap shots of the "Kid Rock" performance that Steve's company CVS hosted. What an AMAZING performer he was...

So fresh & so clean. Vanessa & Hayden

1 comment:

catherine said...

caaaaaaaa-ute faux toms! i love that chick from one tree hill... might have to purchase her album.

i cannot believe vanessa hudgens chopped off her locks for that movie... i don't think i could part with my precious mess of hair.