July 1, 2011


Sent this out today...just wanted to share... :)

Hello everyone!
Just wanted to say hi on this slow Friday afternoon. Hope all is well! I think about all of you non stop! Don't forget to let me know if you are ever up North! Especially this Summer as I'm sure all of you have travel/vaycay plans underway! Keep in mind we are close to Boston, New York, Newport, RI, Providence, RI, New Hampshire, ect! If you can't come visit us at our house we would love to try & meet up w/ you somewhere! I miss all of you sooo much! Have a lovely 4th of July weekend! PS: The next set time we will be back in NOVA is October, hopefully we will be able to make it back home sometime before that!


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Becca Lynn said...

Well I took you up on your offer pretty quickly! It was awesome to finally get to see your amazing house and see CT! We will have to make this a yearly summer trip!