November 11, 2010


*One of the trees fell in our back/side yard due to high winds...
*Purchased a new shower curtain from Target! I just KNOW I can find some cute decorations through ETSY to match the owl & squirrel print!
*My friend Heidi up here in CT printed out a bunch of my photos & made a collage on her family room wall! I'm famous! :) I told her that I need to do this for myself as well, I take so many photos but am so bad at printing them!
*Speaking of famous....back in September I made the paper! Steve & I were at a local craft/art fair & were stopped by the town paper's photographer! Cheesy picture & quote, I know...HA! One of the VPs in my bldg @ work that lives near us brought in a copy of it. He walked right into my NEVA mtg (yearly big event in Nov) & showed everyone! HA!
*At that local craft/art fair I purchased some fun inexpensive jewelry! SCORE!*I wore this necklace the next day @ work...
*I need to have these framed...I took this @ one of the country fairs' this year. LOVE how it turned out!

*My BFF Emily sent me a sweet care package one day...these were some of the goodies inside!
*Love my BOO! We hope to get him a female friend this weekend @ the same animal shelter we adopted him from. Whiskers Animal Shelter that is! Wish us luck!
*Last night I went to dinner w/ my sister-in-law Nichole @ a lil quaint, tucked away place called Heritage Trail Winery & Cafe! Here is the website!
The food & atmosphere was to die for! So adorable inside! A wife & husband own the place! The wife runs the winery & the husband is the chef. Apparently he has written a book & has been on OPRAH!...The photo below though, is the train in Plainfield, CT (where Steve grew up) that stopped in front of me on my way home. I sat there for almost 30 mins!!! THAT was an experience.
*Last weekend we went home to VA/NOVA for my 30th birthday celebration (PART 1-HA!) parents are living in the new town center located in Leesburg until they retire & move to NC this Spring. I spotted this decoration in one of the lil shops & had to take a quick phone pic! Notice the bottom right says "50 CENT"...HA!
*We woke up Mon morning to find snow on the ground! The date was November 8th. Now that is WAY too early for snow!

*Steve called me on his way to work Tues morning to tell me that it looked as if a movie was being filmed down the road from our house in CT. Right when you cross the line into RI. I took a detour to check it out for myself! The filming is happening on the property of a big red barn! Of course I didn't get a clear shot of it...HA! Oh well...I've tried googling this to find out what film it is! No luck yet though...You never know, it could be a big one!
*In October I bolted towards these sharp kicks @ Kohls...CUTE huh? $7 on clearance. SWEET.

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