November 11, 2010


For some reason Bone Thugs N Harmony's song from the wayyyyy past popped in my head when I saw this video on ELLEN roughly 2 months back... I disappeared again, I know. I'm sorry. So sorry...Even though I never thought it could happen I got into a blogging rut. Unmotivated pretty much. For many reasons I guess. Over the past few months I kept a running list of things to blog about. My list kept getting longer & longer, but I was running out of time to post the entries. THEN I started to get a bit overwhelmed with the thought of my blog becoming part of my huge on going TO DO list. Not good. There is so much I'd love to share, good & bad by crossing off the list as I go from top to bottom, but just a few moments ago I decided to delete it. Of course I cringed while doing so...but it was actually a good feeling. I'll definitely back track a lil & catch all of you up, but it will be quick & "painless" on my end. To start off, check out the video below if you are up for laughing hysterically! I have been wanting to share this for a while now!

***These two siblings have some fun after they both had their wisdom teeth pulled. They were recently featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. I don’t get these ‘high’ after teeth pulled videos. There are so many of these videos of people after anesthesia, but people love them!***


Mrs in Training said...

So glad you're back, I was worried about you!

Dana said...

YaY!!! You're finally back!