November 12, 2010


In September Steve & I celebrated our 1 year anniversary! Just for fun we had photos taken by our engagement photographer STACEY M PHOTOGRAPHY! Here is just a tease! In the near future Ill share some more when they are posted, then I'll share the rest in the Spring when we finish up our session. Yes, the Spring....we ran out of daylight & dry weather a few times, I was bummed but what can you do. Just another reason to get more shots taken in just a few (hopefully short) months! Thank you again Stacey! You are truly THE BEST! :)

*A lil story about this location...there is this barn & small farm house located on Rt 14, which is the road we live off of. I pass by it every day on my way to & from work. In the front yard is this cute old bike w/ a basket & a tree swing. I always thought it was the most adorable set up. Luckily Stacey had the nerve, since I didn't, to knock on the owners door & ask if we could use their yard in our photos! They were SUPER kind & thought it was such a sweet request! Some people can be so nice! YAY to that!

*Who watches Modern Family??? BEST SHOW EVER!!! Love this old time photo of the cast... *The 3 new CD's I'm rotating in my car right now....The Band Perry, Sugarland & Taylor Swift.


Mrs in Training said...

Your pictures look great, and I love your outfit! PS, our engagement rings look almost identical :)

Anonymous said...

She did a good job on the pictures! They turned out cute. I like that first image too.

Redhead in Heels said...

I am coming to steal your shoes!!!