December 21, 2010


This year Steve & I are hosting CHRISTMAS at our house in CT. We are SUPER pumped!!! It will be more low key this year w/ only my parents Roy & Linda, sister Ashley & her fiancé' Scott, BUT I just know it will be super always of course! All the other years in the past we have had Christmas @ home in VA, which included my Grandparents, cousins, Aunts, Uncles & close family friends. So I am def a bit sad that we won't be with everyone for the 1st time pretty much ever, but I am really excited to celebrate the holidays on our turf. I am all about the little things, no surprise there, I have blogged about the little things meaning the most many times before. I have a few small festive ideas up my sleeve! Of course I can't share them right now since my Mom (hi Mom!) usually reads my blog on a daily basis. Yah, my Dad too! (hi Dad!)...Oh, I guess my sis does as well! (Hi Ash!)....I can tell you that since we don't have a fireplace I have the perfect lil spot for all of our Christmas stockings. They are all lined up, tied w/ lil bows on the railing of our staircase leading down into our newly finished basement. I've had so much fun putting a plan together! The presents are all wrapped & we pretty much bought out the grocery store, I know I know, it's only going to be the 6 of us on actual Christmas Day, buttttt I just had to have options! ;) Anyway, I just really can't wait until Thurs when the fam starts pouring in! We have a few fun activities, including wine tasting planned while they are here! Since we didn't celebrate Thanksgiving w/ them this year, this is an extra special treat! :) I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! Have fun & be safe!!! HUGS!

PS: Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!!! Can't wait to see you Thurs morning!!!

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