August 21, 2010


As you know I love music, I'm always posting lyrics & videos! Is that annoying to you? Hopefully not! If so be prepared bc I'm about to annoy you even more. :) I seriously LOVE music. Music on the radio & music not on the radio. I love "finding" songs on TV shows, for example on "The OC" & "One Tree Hill"...sometimes "The Real World"...Ohhh & DEF "Grey's Anatomy"...If I hear a song that "get's to me "I google the lyrics. Ask Steve, within a heartbeat I'm grabbing the laptop & pulling the song up online! Anyway.... Here are 2 songs I love right now.... #1 "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry---such a great summer song! and #2 "Saving Grace" by JT Spangler---THIS song was on "The Real World" (New Orleans) just a few episodes back...this song "got to me"! Just wanted to share them w/ ya! ENJOY...if you aren't already annoyed. ;)



*** PS: "The Wizard of Oz" just celebrated their 70th (I think? I'll have to double check this!) a few weeks ago-this image was on the GOOGLE homepage. As you also know, Im obsessed w/ "The Wizard of Oz" AND Dorothy's ruby red slippers that I have blogged about many times before...I'm a lil behind on posting this tid bit of info! ;)

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