August 3, 2010


This past Sunday I had a photo shoot w/ the band KANERKO in Providence, RI! Their Manager Nate is our neighbor & asked me if I would take photos of them to promote their music & upcoming shows! Of course I was super excited & honored but also super nervous. I hadn't taken that step yet of taking photos for people I had never met before---let alone a band! I have to admit I was a bit sick to my stomach while driving into the city w/ Nate, but once I met the guys I felt pretty darn comfortable just after a few mins of being around them. These guys were a blast to work with & sooo down to earth! We had a lot of fun, especially towards the end when I took the "silhouette" photos of them on the hill! That was hilarious, we were all cracking up! Not to sound big headed or anything but I'm really proud of myself for going out of my comfort zone. As much as I LOVE taking photos I am not a fan of telling people what to do. It's a bit hard for me to take charge. Thanks to KANERKO for giving me more practice & experience...& for all the wonderful comments & messages that I have recieved! I am so happy that they are so happy w/ how these turned out! GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYTHING!!!

***As I mentioned before KANERKO has opened up for SPONGE! And are currently competing to open up for 3 Seconds to Mars & KISS through "Demand It"! GO HERE: and click on "Demand It" for KANERKO if you want to help them get to the top!



Al "Mahoney" Diaz (Vox, Percussion)
Anthony James Palumbo (Guitar)
Kevin Marz (Bass)
Nick "The Pipe" Iddon (Drums)

Nate Franklin (MANAGER)
Revitalize The Scene
Band Promotions, CD Duplication & Artist Development


Jen P. said...

Wow Shannon! This is awesome! I'm so proud of you, great pics! :)

Kristy said...

Way to go Shannon! The railroad shots are my fav!