February 16, 2010


I think this is the 1st recipe I have ever posted! I am sooo not a cooker or a baker. I'm on the same page as you Eve! ;).....BUT I have learned to master my mom's infamous CRAB TOASTIES!!! Each time she makes them they are a HUGE hit! I made them for the 1st time for Tiffany's bridal shower & for the 2nd time @ mine & Steve's neighborhood Valentines Day party! Let me tell you, they did NOT disappoint! This recipe is so freakin easy to follow! (I swear Eve!) I heart easy. Freel free to try them out for yourself! PS: If we are ever invited to the same party & we have to bring a dish to share don't you dare bring my crab toasties cause I'll be making these babies! ;) HA!

The recipe is below..but before you read on....

THIS is what "Old English Cheese" looks like. It's NOT in the cold section, it's usually located in the cracker aisle or the aisle w/ the Cheese Wiz or Handy Snacks! You might have to ask someone @ the grocery store where to find it! It's definitely a tricky hunt! Just pretend you are on "Super Market Sweep"! HA!.....EM: Thanks for the photo of the jar below!

1 stick of butter (room temp so you can mix it easily-do not melt it in the microwave, just set it out on the counter ahead of time till it gets soft)
1 jar of Kraft Old English Cheese
1 can "Premium Select" Lump/Fancy Lump Crab Meat-red can-Bumble Bee (in the tuna fish can section-drain juice as normal & make sure you take the paper out)
1 package of English Muffins
Seasoned Salt

Mix the butter, Old English Cheese, Crab Meat & a LIL bit of seasoned salt (you don’t want it too salty) into a bowl so it’s spreadable.
Split the English muffins in half & put them on a baking pan-BROIL until toasted-WATCH the oven...it only takes a few mins to toast…
Spread the mix onto the muffins.
Put the whole pan of muffins into the freezer until they are frozen. You can serve that day or another day! They last quite a while in the freezer!
Cut the muffins into 4’s w/ a sharp knife.
Put the lil muffins in a zip lock bag to store & seal it tight! You can put these back in the freezer & pull them out whenever you want to eat them! It’s nice you can make these way far in advance if you want!
Keep them frozen until you are ready to serve. Then pop them back into the oven on BROIL until they get bubbly. AGAIN, WATCH the oven, it only takes a few mins for this as well!

That’s it, I promise! ENJOY! MMMMMMMMM. Feel free to double, triple, ect the batch! They will go super fast!


Mrs in Training said...

That looks super delicious, I will have to try it for a party I'm attending this weekend. Thanks!

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