February 23, 2010


1. A stocked pantry cabinet! Is it weird that we love going grocery shopping? We really have fun w/ each other! This usually includes Steve trying to throw things in the cart from afar & accidentally stealing other people's carts when he isn't paying attention! The bad thing is, we usually go when we are hungry...this is a big no-no. HA!

2. Southwest rapid rewards program! 10 free drink coupons baby!!! AND 2 free flights that we plan to use in the near future towards our 2010 trips we have lined up!
3. My brand new ROXY ski boots! Steve gave these to me for Valentines Day! LOVE them!
4. Belated wedding gifts! Thank you Julie & Steve for our VERY generous Pier One gift card! OMG! Our mouths dropped when we received it! What a WONDERFUL surprise in the mail! We rushed right out to purchase these items for our home! Zebra print chair, magnetic photo board, decorative vintage door knob, green decorative bird, green floral vase & decorative bath scrub brush! YOU 2 ROCK!!! Keep a look out for your thank you card in the mail!

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