June 29, 2010


How adorable is this "Ferns & Flowers" bistro, florist & teahouse! (Natalie-I bet you would love it!) This is located right down the road from my work in Warwick, RI. My friend & co-worker are going to check it out today! We have reservations to sit in the backyard garden where they have cookouts & weddings! I am sooo excited! I have wanted to try this place out for quite a while now! It seems so girly w/ all of the "ferns & flowers"! Ill snap a few pics while we are there...stay tuned for an updated post! In the mean time check out their website!

"FERNS & FLOWERS" http://www.fernsandflowers.com/aboutus.html?source=header


nataliegracie said...

That's really cute! It reminds me of this place my dad and I went to in Windsor, Ontario. I love the small tea houses that are all quaint and cute. Have a ton of fun and be sure to drink some OOOOOOOOLONG for Emily & me. :)

Adam LaFlesh said...

As a sign maker I think it is wrong to put that Bistro sign with those colors attached to a nice gold leaf sign like that.