June 16, 2010



Chris Klein...hopefully this will be a wakeup call for you...

Top Chef in DC starts up tonight on Bravo!

MMM my favorite...Chocolate covered strawberries... I am craving these today. These are on my "Romance Me" list...http://skv6.blogspot.com/2009/11/i-said-romance-me-he-said-lol.html
Check out the retro napkin holders Amy found for me at an antique store!

Mom---practice does make perfect! Thanks again for the new spatula...I am now able to make my own sunny side up/over medium/over easy eggs! HA!

The new funky light from Lowes that we purchased for over our basement bar!

Janelle Honeycutt: You can also make donations on this website through "The Janelle Fund" that was put together by Mr. & Mrs. Honeycutt's friends. They will be making an elliptiGO ride between Canada & Mexico to raise even more money for Janelle! Check it out & of course pass it on!http://web.me.com/dougleland/On_the_GO
PS: Our yard sale this past weekend was a SUCCESS! We are donating all of the leftover items! Now that feels good.

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