February 16, 2011


1. Google "Bosom Max"...I dare ya! I saw this ad in a magazine last week! I texted it to a few of my friends & family members knowing they'd all get a good laugh out of it...

2. (I had permission to post this-FYI!) Yesterday Steve & I received this surprise photo postcard in the mail! It's of my cousin Jesse & his fiancé Carly! YES, I said fiancé! This was their way of announcing their engagement! The writing on the photo reads "Hey, are we getting married?" "Yeah...".....This is soooo Jesse & Carly! LOVE IT! Very clever & unique!!! It's officially on our fridge @ home! Congrats again you 2!!!...Now we have 3 weddings in August---3 weekends in a row!!! NC-NH-NY

3. My good buddy Paul Warren from home in VA emailed me yesterday morning to let me know he would be in Mass for work, wondering if Steve & I were close enough to 95 to meet for dinner on his way back! I was sooooo excited when I got his note! Its been tough not having my close group of friends around me these days---STILL... Sooo of course we jumped on this opportunity! What a special treat it was! The timing worked out perfectly for all 3 of us to meet up. Hopefully Paul will have another trip up North in the near future for business, if he doesn't come back sooner for play! :)

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