February 25, 2011


Annnd a packed weekend yet again!!! Im so excited about this weekend yet Im a bit stressed at the fact I have a feeling I won't get much sleep!

FRI: COX Stormy Awards work event...something I have worked on & put together for the past month. It's a yearly thing, I believe this is my 3rd year working it, maybe 4th? Just went shopping @ Best Buy for a bunch of prizes, giving away a ton of them this evening! Sweet. I believe I'll be home around 11:30pm...

SAT: Departing @ 6am...NYC for a girls weekend w/ my sister Ashley, mom Linda, aunt Lee & cousin Kelly!!! Steve & I are driving into the city together. The hubby will go his way & hang out w/ his buddy Sean while me & the ladies of the Vaughan/Wampler family do it up! Staying at the FABULOUS Fashion 26 Hotel! I scored an awesome deal, it's crazy! Hopefully we will be checking out DASH (The Kardashian's boutique) & FAO SCHWARTZ to play on the "Big" piano!-----Check out the photos below of the hotel! :) http://www.f26nyc.com/

SUN: CAT COUNTRY GO RED SNOWBALL: VIP STYLE starting at 5pm...The local country radio station puts together this concert every year. The proceeds go towards Women w/ heart disease. This year's line up includes Gretchen Wilson, Thompson Square "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not" & Jarrod Niemann "Lover Lover" & "What Do You Want"!!! (CLICK ON THE LABEL BELOW "CAT COUNTRY GO RED SNOWBALL" FOR THE CONCERTS IN MY PAST!)
***Like I said, not much sleep...but FUN FUN FUN!!! :)

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Care said...

let me know how that hotel is... I'm looking for a place to stay in NYC in a few weekends!