February 14, 2011


Today is Valentine's Day. I love this day. I feel really lucky & thankful this year! We actually decided to celebrate last night for the most part. That way it made it easier for us, as today is a work day. It will be nice to just go home & relax when we walk in the door. Oh & watch the Grammy's from last night of course!....Sooo what did we do? Well let me tell you! We used our points from the hotel that we got married at & stayed over for FREE! Then we used a gift certificate my boss gave me for my birthday in November to the restaurant 1149 here in RI. Steve had never been so we thought it was a great idea, not to mention, the thought of dinner being FREE as well! A few days ago I had contacted the event planner of our wedding at the hotel to let her know we were staying last night. I asked her how much it would be to have some champagne & chocolate covered strawberries sent to the room. I figured if it wasn't too pricey, I'd have her send them up as a lil surprise for Steve! Well....it never hurts to ask ANYTHING, keep that in mind, bc she responded saying "its all on me!" WOW, I thanked her a million times, how sweet! Yesterday afternoon we drove out to RI (from CT) & stopped at one of our favorite stores near the hotel called "Anne & Hope", after that we checked into our room, got settled & exchanged gifts. Steve gave me black diamond earrings!!! Sooo unique, just my style as Im not a big fan of "fancy" jewelry! I just LOVE them!!! He did a great job (as always) & totally surprised me! Then it was Steve's turn....I gave him Kenny Chesney tickets for his concert in early April!!! This was actually a joint gift from myself, my parents & my sister & her fiancé for Valentine's Day (from me) & his birthday coming up Feb 24th (from all of us). As much as I wish Steve "jumped for joy", he was pretty darn excited & in shock that I was able to pull this off! He has always wanted to see Kenny Chesney, the timing of his upcoming show was just perfect! Thx again to a lil birdie who helped me out w/ this!.....After relaxing for a lil while, we headed out to dinner earlier then our reservation time, we were actually able to be seated right away. Steve devoured his filet mignon & i devoured my shrimp stuffed w/ crab meat! YUM! Afterwards we came back to our room & found a tray of goodies sitting on our bed! Yet again, SCORE! HA!.....Annnnnd to top it all off Steve sent me flowers! Multi colored roses to be exact, that came in a lovely red vase! They arrived at my office this morning so I've been able to enjoy them all day! I love feeling special!!! As I said... I feel really lucky & thankful! :)

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Care said...

CUTE! Yall are a sweet couple :)