January 5, 2011


No, not my sister & best friend but my 2 favorite contestants on this season's "The Bachelor"!


If I were had 2 first impression roses to give away I'd totally choose Emily, the sweet Children's Hospital Event Planner who's fiancé died in a plane crash a few days before she found out she was pregnant w/ their daughter AND Ashley S., the Nanny who seems like the down to earth girl next door---who also squeezed Brad Womack's butt when she first met him!....I am so excited to watch Brad fall in love! Im a sucker for love stories....most of America was appalled that Brad didn't choose someone at the end of his original season. But I don't get it...he obviously (unfortunately) wasn't in love with any of them. Why should he chose someone just for TV purposes? He was there with the best intentions of finding someone but it didn't work out... Id like to give the guy a high five. Here's to TEAM EMILY & TEAM ASHLEY S.


Dana said...

Those two were definitely my favorites as well! What about the vampire chick?? Woooow!


HA! i know right? she is an odd one! a bit scary!....some of those girls are big headed...uggg. im a fan of the nice sweet girls! :)

elcw said...

I think you like them because those are two of your favorite names in the ENTIRE WORRRRRLD :o) Me & Ash...mwahhahaha