April 16, 2010


Check out the super cool t-shirt Amy found for me! I LOVE IT! :)

Today, April 16th...EVERYONE is a HOKIE. Thinking of you Virginia Tech.

Thank you Lindsey for sending me HANSON'S new song/video "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'"! :) HA!....You are tooo funny. Check it out folks...


As I said last night...
i have so many comments/questions running through my head.... 1. didnt i tell you i landed a role in this video? im the one in the way back in the red shirt w/ the sweet moves. 2. i bet you anything this dance will be the next wedding reception hit. 3. Isnt Taylor still in his latest band ~Tinted Windows~ (hit song: "Kind of Girl"?(<---hot song for the record) Maybe he's double dipping-i sure would. 4. Their 3 wives & their many many many kids have got to be in this clip-they certainly would have saved money on "extras" if they are. 5. Ray Charles- is that really you behind the keyboard? wow have you changed. 6. ill have to admit-ive played this song a few times now, it's pretty darn catchy. im sooo impressed that they are still around! MMM BOP to that! HANSON FOR LIFE. You KNOW (as well as Natalie) that I will always have place in my heart for this trio from Tulsa, Oklahoma. :)

FYI: Tinted Window's "Kind of Girl"

TINTED WINDOWS: Taylor Hanson of Hanson, Bun E.Carlos of Cheap Trick , Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne , and ex Smashing Pumpkins member James Iha.



Don't forget to watch the American Country Music awards Sunday night!!! I sure won't.
This is VERY random...over the winter I had to take a different back road to get home because of the snow. I drove past a house with a REAL LIVE Cinderella's pumpkin carriage sitting in their yard! Seriously! Sooo just the other day I decided to take that same road so I could take a photo to prove it! The even funnier thing is, they have a 2nd one in their yard but it's white! You can see part of the white wheel on the right side of the photo behind the car. I wonder if they rent this thing out? I think it would be great to get a ride in it for mine & Steve's next date night! :) HA!

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Kristy said...

I have learned through your pictures that there are some really "unique" landmarks up North! haha