April 27, 2010


Thanks to my Aunt Angie who gave us an amazing wedding gift this past September! She offered up her expertise on how to start the process of landscaping our yard! A few weekends ago we were finally able have her visit us. She taught us all about the ins & outs of the process! I personally learned so much!!! I have never had a green thumb, or at least tried to have one. Ever since she came to our house I have been super excited & inquisitive about many different tress & plants! I have found my self walking around our yard checking out the progress of our seeds & bulbs obsessively! HA! Every day when I pull up to the garage I get out to inspect. Whenever there is a small amount of sun we are outside & inside watering our many plants & flowers! Even though we don’t have much to show, what we did has already made a HUGE difference in our eyes…..AND even though we don’t’ have much color popping up at the moment, we should hopefully very soon! Only if I planted the bulbs right side up…right Mom? The words/phrases/names keep popping into my head…. Anemones, Ivy, Annuals, Sunflowers, Zones, Catnip & Easter Lilies (Thanks again Heidi!), Strawberries (thanks to our neighbor for giving us their “run offs”), Bradford Pairs, Perennials, Forsythia---I could go on & on………On top of planting all of these goodies we hung a bird feeder on the back deck & hung 2 bird houses in the front & side yard. I think I might be turning into my Papaw-my Dad’s Dad. I’ve started to do some bird watching….I may need to pick up a pair of binoculars & some bird books! Seriously Dad…it’s scary…HA!........I'm very proud of myself...a bit shocked actually to find that I'm REALLY enjoying all of this! :) Don't get me wrong, it was A LOT of hard work for Steve & I but well worth it! Check out the pics below (click on each photo to enlarge)...I really hope to have a garden "feel" some day...colorful unique flowers EVERYWHERE!!! I'd love to see more butterflies fluttering around the house that's for sure... (please excuse our grass-ewww-THAT'S a whole HUGE different project in itself!)

The beginning of the process...

Reserved for my favorite flower---SUNFLOWERS!

Just had to capture this action shot of Boo...

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