January 30, 2011


Check out the items I found @ the flea market we went to a few weeks back w/ Tom & Heidi! I can't wait to use these as I am currently decorating my new photo office!

I also found these beautiful vintage necklaces for under $5. SCORE!
And these awesome earrings as well! Goodness I'm a huge fan of these!
Annnd finally...some of you may know I got into a car accident the Wed night before Christmas. Poor me & my lil yellow Lancer. Let me tell you it was VERY scary... :( I am still shaken up over it as I have HATED driving in the snow ever since. Luckily I wasn't going very fast bc of the weather, on top of being on a back road, but the damage was worth almost $3000. The truck that hit me was very large, old & beat up. As you can see my passenger door & mirror was busted up. The glass on that side shattered completely. The glass ended up in my purse, on my coat, in my lap & under my feet. Thank god I wasn't hurt & the accident wasn't considered my fault! My car is finally fixed & we will be reimbursed 100%.


Sarah said...

Yikes - that is so scary Shannon! Glad you are okay!

Liesel Basil said...

Ooh, I love that blue vintage necklace! Where did you find it? Good thing you got the reimbursement 100%. It's really risky to drive during winter and pretty scary. What happened to the truck driver, then?

Ethan Rehman said...

Ugh, the accident made the side of your car look like a dented canned soup. But what's important is you're safe and all the damages will be paid for by the other party.

Charla Mcguyer said...

Well, though you've met an accident, you're still very lucky because you feel OK and the car repair cost got reimbursed. Are you still using that car or did you buy a new one? Anyway, I like your antique camera. Is it still working or do you just use it as a decoration?