January 3, 2011


This weekend was pretty fun yet also mostly low key. Friday we celebrated New Years w/ friends @ 2 different small gatherings (1 @ Crystal & Nick's & 1 @ Sue & Bryan's), pics coming soon! Saturday we slept in, which we LOVE doing, and then headed out to RI to run some errands, exchange a few things & eat @ TWIST restaurant! We used one of the certificates that my boss gave me for Christmas. YUM YUM YUM! (WEBSITE & MENU: http://www.pinellimarrarestaurants.com/twist.htm) Great prices, which means we can go back 3 more time before the certificate balance is zero. After lunch I took this phone pic w/o the flash (since i don't have one-HA!) & captured this awesome shot of the sun that afternoon! Keep in mind this was around roughly 12pm in the afternoon, the weather was GORGEOUS! The photo looks as if it was taken at night but all I did was edit the colors to give it a lil boost! Pretty cool huh?.....Sat night we hung out w/ a few peeps @ Tom & Heidi's & then Sunday we went to this awesomely HUGE flea market! I picked up some vintage jewelry totally $5, a few old school Nintendo games & controller, decorations for my future photography office & 2 solid wood matching side tables that are spray painted silver! VERY unique & funky! I'll post those pics tonight or tomorrow! I believe that covers it, another weekend come & gone, and now after the Holidays it's officially back to the daily grind!

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