January 14, 2011


Before the big snow storm we had a small ammount of snow that was just enough to cover the ground late Saturday night into Sunday....I grabbed my camera Sunday morning, took a few snapshots & funked up the pics a big! ENJOY!

The view from our front door...

That Saturday night before the snow appeared we went over to Amy & Jacob's house to celebrate Amy's birthday!
I attempted to make rainbow cupcakes for her as a surprise! I found the recipe on a fellow bloggers website, although I am currently drawing a blank as to which blog I found it from on the right side of my page under "MY FAVORITE BLOGS"! If you know who you are let me know so I can give you some credit! :)
The recipe was sooo easy! The only thing that was not easy was making the layers of the rainbow look pretty...my rainbow cupcakes ended up looking a lil more marble-ized...BUT i kinda like it that way so they aren't considered "perfect"! :)....All you gotta do is make cupcakes like you normally would. After mixing the ingredients in a large bowl, separate the batter into separate bowls/mugs (whatever) depending on how many colors you want. Then in each bowl/mug add your food coloring....obviously if you want purple mix blue & red, or if you want turquoise mix blue, green & yellow. Make sure you use a separate spoon or fork for each bowl/mug when mixing so you don't mix up the wrong colors. Then start with 1 color and divide it up into your pan, use sparingly so you have enough when you get to that 24th cupcake wrapper! Then onto the next color, then the next, then the next, keep layering on top until you have gone through each color. Put it in the oven as normal & ta-da! RAINBOW CUPCAKES!!! :) Sooo easy, a lil time consuming but sooo yummy & pretty!

This first color is really turquoise as you can the shade a bit better in the 2nd photo below, it's the 1st layer I added in the wrapper. You can also see the correct shade in the finished product as well!

***A lil added bonus since several people have been asking me about the shoes I wore for New Years Eve...I purchased these babies for under $20 at this store up North here called "RAINBOW"...to my surprise they are sooo freakin comfortable!


Soul Pretty said...

yummmmmmmm...I'll be making those when we get home...

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling mine would end up looking more marbelized than layered, too, but it would be fun to try!

Megg said...

Yummm! They look son sweet!
I love it! And your pictures are really good!
Check out my fashion blog and if you like it you can follow me!
I'll follow you right now!
Kisses from Italy!
P.S. How did you add the "my favourite blog" bar on your blog? I want it too but I just don't know how!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

such colorful delights~ YUM!
But I do admire all the B&W photos as well!


KRIS.10.K said...

Those cupcakes look SOOOO yummy! I think I have some baking in my future! Thanks for sharing =)

kirstyb said...

those cupcakes look much better than how my turned out! must give them another go x

Kristy said...

I'm not a blogger but I commented a link to the recipe after you posted pics of those super cute cupcakes a while back =)I like the swirl effect too!