January 30, 2011


Organization #1 for most of my necklaces

I went to Meghan's baby shower yesterday & wanted to share my attire w/ all of you.....starting w/my earrings that I purchased for $5 at a quaint vintage store recently! :)

I found this black velvet jacket Friday night @ Warwick, RI mall at a store called "Urban Behavior" for $3.99 since the store was going out of business!
Black velvet ballet flats w/ black velvet bows from "Charlotte Russe" on clearance for $6.99!
Ring from "Charlotte Russe"...can't remember the price but totally under $10. OOOH! And this fabulous locket necklace that I found @ a art craft fair for either 50 cents or 25 cents!
Remember my dress was from "Target" for roughly $7 on clearance that I picked up in December!
The full affect!
Organization #2 for most of my earrings
Went through all of my nail polishes....kept my favorite shades!
Cuddle time...Mr. Miles (black) & Mr. Boo (white)....I swear they did this on their own, it's very common! MELT MY HEART.
A quick snapshot of the sun one morning as I pulled over on my way to work...


Redhead in Heels said...

I love that the cats ying and yang all on their own. So adorable.

Mrs in Training said...

Cuuute outfit! And super jealous of your awesome jewelry collection :)