July 28, 2010


I have always hated my hair… OK I know hate is a harsh word but I have at least semi hated my hair. For the most part I’m never happy with it. I know that this might not just be a ME thing…it might just be a GIRL thing. I think we all want what we don’t have; at least that’s how I feel personally. If I’m happy with my hair it’s only for a short period of time, then I’m over it & need a change or a quick fix to make me think otherwise. I’ve always wanted healthy, shiny, thick, long, voluminous hair…brunette or blonde, usually I want blonde when I’m (naturally) brunette & usually I want brunette when I’m blonde. I try to trim it on a regular basis to keep up w/ my split ends, but every time I trim it people say to me “Did you cut your hair again?” In my head I reply NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!.........I can’t tell you when the last time someone said “WOW, your hair is getting soooooooooooo long!”….I haven’t had long hair in many many many years. Did I say many? I always tell myself I’m going to grow my hair out, but my pacience starts to fade away considering it seems as if my hair grows soooooooooooooo slow. Sometimes to hold me over I cut my bangs to keep me from “cracking”! HA! So I’m curious…now that I’m getting the itch to change my hair up again what’s your opinion?

Brunette w/ bangs ($7 BOX)
Brunette w/o bangs

Blonde w/ bangs ($100 SALON)
Blonde w/o bangs

PS: On a completely different note....in general...i think it is SO RUDE to not respond to an invitation of any sort. Email invitation, snail mail invitation, Evite invitation, wedding/birthday/retirement/baby shower/bridal shower invitation & so on....This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. I don't like to rant & rave or complain much on my blog but from time to time I need to do so. Sometimes blogging is meant for venting. If you can't make an event, NO BIG DEAL, just respond! It's common courtesy! Especially when someone needs time to plan or shop for a certain event, big or small. Be polite people, a Yes, No or even a Maybe will do. Thank you-I feel a lil better. :)


Amanda Worthington Kimmel said...

i love you with brunette hair, i mean you look great with any hairstyle.. SERIOUSLY. But, i like the brunette.. with OR without bangs.

Care said...

seriously? you hate your hair? i love your hair... you are fortunate to dye it any color and still look smokin! i think i like blond... makes your eyes pop!

also, if you want your hair to grow... take zinc pills.

Meesh's Photo Blog said...

You look great both ways but my fav is brunette (pic 6 and 8) I think blond is more playful and brunette more sophisticated ;) I wish I could pull off brunette!

Matthew, Eve, Noah, and Noelle Middleton said...

You have beautiful hair, Shannon! But I am totally the same way - I am never happy with mine and whenever I get it one way I want it back the other. My fav of you is blonde with no bangs...maybe since that's my fav on me too haha. You really do look beautiful any way you have it though - I'm not just saying that!!

Hannah said...

I love your hair both ways, BUT I think it's good to do blonde for the summer and brunette for the fall/winter!

Kelly said...

I almost always vote blond, but you look fabulous as a brunette! Esp with the side-ish bangs.

And AMEN regarding RSVPs. That is definitely my biggest pet peeve as well, and I am baffled as to why it is so difficult for some people.

Dana said...

I absolutely love the brunette with bangs but I have to agree with Eve, you look amazing any way you decide to do it.