July 29, 2010



Hello my VA/NOVA/DC peeps! The DC Sample Sale is back!!! Thursday, Sept 16th! I went a few years ago w/ Amanda & met up w/ Michelle & Kristy. We had SUCH a great time & found some awesome items! We of course splurged for the VIP tickets which included finger foods, a goody bag & drinks AND getting into the warehouse an hour earlier then everyone else. SO WORTH IT. What is a sample sale might you ask? Pretty much it's a bunch of designer items being sold for super super super cheap-compared to their original price. The one time I went I scored my 1st pair of skinny jeans, sear sucker blue & white striped dress pants, a pink ruffled cropped short sleeve blazer, an orange & blue tie for Steve & a few other goodies/shoes/purses/accessories for myself. How do I remember this? I have no idea...And do I remember the designer names of the items I purchased? No. BUT I do remember I bought all of this for under $150 in cash that I brought w/ me that day. It was a nut house! Girls running around everywhere digging through clothes bins, trunks & racks. If you go, make sure you where flat shoes & leggings! This way you can easily try on something-if need be (over what you are wearing) since there are no dressing rooms! Don't be rude to the other girls but definitely focus and do your thing! I wish I could go this year since I haven’t been since the 1st time I checked this out. Bummer to it being on a Thurs night....hmmm maybe I can work something out... :)

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