July 21, 2010


Does anyone else’s cat keep them up at night? Boo has been very “talkative” & hyper while we are in bed! Meowing like crazy, jumping onto our bedroom dressers, knocking things over…He woke me up a bunch of times last night….. Yes, he had plenty of food & water. HOLY TIRED. Help..... :)

Yes...this is the photo of Boo a few hrs before he knocked off the fish bowl. My no name fish went up to Heaven a few days later... At the time this image seemed so cute, so we let him be...

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elcw said...

We have the same problem with Buddy Cat! We tried to lock him out of the room and he started clawing at the door. Then we opened the door and let him have free range of the house. That helped but sometimes in the middle of the night he still claws the bottom of the bed!! It is SO F-ing ANNOYING! He usually does it at the top of the bed right by Justin's head and it is the WORST noise. I started keeping one of those red lasers by the bed to shine on the floor. When he sees the laser he runs out from under the bed and then he stops clawing for the time being. It is really obnoxious. Cats are SO HARD to discipline!