July 16, 2010


Majorly-is that a word? Who cares I like it. Soooo besides missing my family, my friends & home in general back in Northern, VA I have missed out on 2 major things! #1 the DC blizzard this past winter & #2 the DC earthquake that hit this morning! CRAZY. Of course everyone's FB statuses from NOVA say something about the quake. Apparently my Mom felt it but my Dad didn’t. When I spoke to my Mom a few mins ago she said that it felt like a big truck or thunder, but def felt their building move. Their building...yes...they sold their WV house in just 5 days a lil while back & are currently in an "uppity" apartment in Leesburg. JUST until my Dad retires next Spring. Then they are off to NC for the rest of their liiiiiiiiives! ;)(OH HOW I CAN'T WAIT TO RETIRE.) Soooooooo happy for them!!! :) Anyway....an earthquake hitting DC is totally out of the ordinary. The last one that hit was in 1974 according to this article... http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local-beat/36-Magnitude-Earthquake-Shakes-DC-Region-98589124.html

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