July 16, 2010


I told myself after we finished the basement we would lay low on any big household projects. Guess I lied to myself a lil. My next "small" project is to tackle our oversized rectangular 2nd guest room located on the top level of our house. I will be incorporating a few items that we already have as well as using the below colors & decoration ideas below for my inspiration & of course a few old & new items...***Don't hold me to all of these photos, I will absolutely be working on a budget! And of course paint will have to come later on down the road...

The 1st new item we purchased last night @ Kohl's! This glamour mirror! How fun are the jewels! We got this for roughly $25. On sale-coupon-Kohl's charge! (Don't worry Mom & Dad-we pay this off every month-we just use it for the discount!)

A quick self portrait of me before leaving the house this morning (casual Friday's @ work)---check out my John Lennon & Yoko Ono t-shirt I picked up @ Rugged Wearhouse for $3 in NC!

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Kristy said...

Hey Lady, I've had my eye out for mirrors(for the gym) but they're always so expensive everywhere. Recently we found some at Ikea for pretty cheap though! (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/15302600) Thought you may be interested since you have mirrors similar to these in your inspiration photos. Can't wait to see pics of the glam guestroom!