July 1, 2010


Our bags are packed-ALL of my shoes & accessories included! ;) Steve always tells me to pack light...how can a girl do that???..... We are off to NC & SC for well over a week to visit family & friends! Exciting times! I love flying---esp when we can use our FREE Southwest drink coupons! ;)...Everyone have a fun, safe & memorable July 4th holiday! Speaking of July 4th...Mr. Mike Hoke-Happy 30th Birthday buddy! I'll call ya Sun! PS: To all my readers...don't forget to enter yourself in my FREE BLOG GIVEAWAY a few entries down! *PEACE* :)


A "cheery" disposition said...

Have a fun vacation.

Jammer said...

Have fun! And happy weekend :)


Tamstyles said...

i love thos blue heels in your banner...the hole photo is cute.