July 13, 2010


While we were in NC & SC we took a trip to Rugged Wearhouse in both states! I loooooooooove this place! Be prepared though---You have to have patience & a good eye in search of any stains or rips. We both lucked out with several knock off items! Because of this we had to borrow an extra suitcase from my Grandparents for our flight back...ooops! HA! I bought all of the bellow items for under $100!

Totally rockin' these blue wedges today...
I'm sportin' the blue floral shirt w/ the matching blue belt as well---photo coming soon!
***Have you ever checked out this website? www.HandbagHeaven.com Everything is under $85! Not that I would ever spend that much on a purse...my range is under $25-HA! But still, there are def some steals on here!
***More freebies that arrived in our mailbox from www.Hip2Save.com

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Yvonne said...

ooh thanks for the shout-out for hip2save. i'm checking it out right now.

also, nice finds at Rugged! i used to shop at the one in Fair Lakes a looooong time ago. but you're right, definitely need to have a watchful eye for rips/stains/blemishes...