July 29, 2010


When we finished the basement we realized we needed to find a small curtain to cover the basement window in order to block the light coming in when we use the projector screen down there. We could have gone out and bought any old curtain but most curtains out there are sooo boring. Just my opinion. Everywhere you go they have the same print or colors, unless you go to Pier One or Urban Outfitters of course-now they have cool unique curtains! Anyway, I told Steve that back in the day I made small curtains w/ my mom for the house i grew up in when we gave the place a mini makeover. From what I remember it wasn’t too hard....Sooo I went to JoAnn Fabrics in search of a modern/funky/mod/retro brightly colored fabric w/ preferably orange & teal in it to match the 2 main colors we have been using. This is what i found! It was PERFECT!!! So i brought it home the other night & finally tackled this "small" task after work yesterday. After just a "few" (long) hours & a lot of hope & frustration I eventually completed this project! I actually MADE this w/o any sewing! HA! Pretty cool huh? I'm pretty darn proud of myself.

This is the fabric! I will use the leftover pieces to frame in 8x10 & 5x7 photo frames around the room to tie it all in!

TA-DA!!!!! :) Seriously...i swear this was a b*tch to do. HA!
***I took this photo this past weekend when it was storming...I love downpours, I think I captured it well as it came down over our front porch!

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